Cannabis in workplace: policies, procedures, mediation can help

While fears that legalized marijuana would have a detrimental effect on the workplace were “overblown,” it is still imperative for employers and employees to be proactive when dealing with the issue, says Toronto-area employment lawyer and mediator Stuart Rudner. Read more

Debunking a will myth: ‘I can do it myself’

Hiring a lawyer will almost always save testators and their beneficiaries money in the long run, says Toronto wills and estates lawyer Mary Wahbi, who advises clients on the shortcomings of do-it-yourself solutions. Read more

Laneway suites ‘perfect solution’ to affordable housing shortage

Allowing people to build laneway suites behind their homes is a great way to create low-cost housing while increasing the value of individual properties, says Toronto real estate lawyer Daniel Bernstein. Read more

Timeliness is important when filing a wrongful death claim

Family members can’t wait too long following the death of a loved one before launching a wrongful death lawsuit, says Ottawa personal injury lawyer Joseph Doris. Read more

Great volunteers help cue up Billiards with the Bar fundraiser

Everyone is invited to enjoy a relaxing evening of pool, music, and great food as Neuberger & Partners LLP, Hull & Hull LLP, and the Toronto Lawyers Association host the annual Billiards With the Bar fundraiser on Nov. 14, says Toronto criminal lawyer Joseph Neuberger. Read more

Justice system must accept reality of opioid crisis: Goldlist

The opioid crisis gripping this continent stretches from the hands of dealers to the arms of addicts — and to the pockets of the manufacturers, Toronto criminal lawyer Jordana Goldlist writes in The Lawyer’s Daily. Read more

Referencing emails doesn’t make them part of the record: CAT

Emails between condo board members are not part of the official record, but directors still have to be very careful about what they write in these online messages, says Toronto condominium lawyer Warren Kleiner. Read more

First year of legal cannabis largely uneventful: Achkar

With the first anniversary of the legalization of cannabis largely celebrated as a non-event, employers are now “wondering if they should inspect every chocolate bar or gummy bear their employees eat,” Toronto employment lawyer Christopher Achkar writes in The Lawyer’s Daily. Read more

$80-million weed-killer award in U.S. boosts Canadian claims

A California man’s victory in his product liability action against the manufacturer of a weed killer provides a boost to Canadian plaintiffs with similar claims, says Oakville personal injury lawyer Meghan Walker. Read more

Passenger’s steering-wheel grab sparks insurer squabble

Accident victims will still be taken care of, even when insurers end up squabbling over who should pay, says Toronto personal injury lawyer Gary Will. Read more

CRA data mining sweep ‘ingenious and eminently logical’

Contractors who are part of the cash economy and have registered with North America’s largest home improvement retailer can expect to be audited by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), Canadian tax lawyer David J. Rotfleisch tells The Lawyer’s Daily. Read more

Anti-SLAPP legislation shouldn’t be used in defamation case

A claim for $210 million in damages made against the CBC by a fast-food chain should not be considered an attempt to silence the broadcaster from reporting on matters of public interest, says Toronto defamation lawyer Brian Radnoff. Read more

Howard Winkler’s media roundup

Toronto lawyer and mediator Howard Winkler is frequently called upon by the media as a trusted source for their news stories, particularly for his focus on defamation and privacy issues. Read more

Counsel’s co-operation needed for accurate questioning record

Court reporters need the co-operation of counsel during questionings or discoveries to establish when undertakings, advisements, and objections have occurred, says Kim Neeson, vice-president of Canadian operations for Royal Reporting/A.C.E. Reporting, Veritext Companies. Read more

Government needs to take action on broadcast piracy: Fisher

It’s time the government stepped in to stop the piracy responsible for the “constant erosion” of the broadcast and entertainment industries, says Toronto intellectual property lawyer Kevin Fisher. Read more

Aspiring litigator Suri finds a match in condo law

Toronto condominium lawyer Inderpreet Suri has found a perfect match in her chosen sector of law. Read more

Lack of employees means trailer park can’t claim deduction

You may think you’re running a company that qualifies for a small business deduction, but Toronto commercial litigator Thomas McRae says a recent decision from the Tax Court of Canada illustrates why failing to follow the statute could put you on the wrong side of the Canada Revenue Agency. Read more

OCA narrows liability coverage for negligent parent claims

A recent Ontario Court of Appeal (OCA) decision helps clarify when insurance companies are liable in parental negligence cases, Toronto insurance defence lawyer Heather Vaughan tells Law Times. Read more

Consider priorities before drafting purchase and sale agreements

Buying or selling a business can be a complex and emotional process for all involved, so it’s essential to do the proper due diligence with a client before drafting agreements, says Toronto corporate lawyer Sammy Redlick. Read more

AI useful for detecting breaches, but training is vital

Following a successful pilot project, more health-care organizations may be looking to artificial intelligence (AI) to help minimize data breaches — but institutions must have checks and balances in place and implement robust training when rolling out this technology, says Toronto health and corporate lawyer Shanon Grauer. Read more