Determination a hallmark of Grillo’s life and practice

Thirteen years after Toronto personal injury lawyer Salvatore Grillo arrived in Canada as a teen unable to speak a single word of English, he was enrolled at one of the country's most prestigious law schools, and well on the way to establishing himself as a respected member of Ontario's personal injury bar. Read more

SCC to rule if sex offender registry unfair to mentally ill

Sex offenders who have been found not criminally responsible on account of a mental disorder (NCRMD), and received an absolute discharge from the Ontario Review Board (ORB), may soon be permitted to have themselves removed from sex offender registries, says Toronto criminal lawyer John Fennel. Read more

Law firms should take proactive approach to collections

Debt collection is one of the least glamorous but most crucial steps on the way to law firm profitability, says Catherine Moffitt, an associate with legal practice management specialists Cosgrove Associates. Read more

Mediation of estate disputes can preserve money, privacy

Mediation can be an effective means of alternative dispute resolution when family members are in a battle over assets, says Toronto estates litigator and mediator Howard Black. Read more

Court considers husband’s financial control over his wife

When spousal support and property division are being considered by the court in divorces, financial abuse must also be weighed as a factor, says Toronto family lawyer Inna Tsinman. Read more

OCA says lawyers can pursue matrimonial assets of client

A recent judgment in his client’s favour reinforces the right of lawyers to pursue matrimonial assets in family law proceedings when past accounts have not been paid, even when the ownership of that property is in dispute, says Toronto litigator Jonathan Miller. Read more

Consider key factors in early stages of acquisition

When it comes to avoiding buyer’s remorse in an acquisition, it’s important to give early consideration to both the tangible and intangible aspects of the purchase of the business, says Toronto corporate lawyer Chaim Sapirman. Read more

Conduit Law introduces Clerks on Demand service

Maintaining the right mix of legal resources to manage spikes in client work can be a challenge for law firms and in-house teams alike, but having access to on-demand talent can ease those periodic gaps in staffing, says Peter Carayiannis, founder of Conduit Law Professional Corp. Read more

Orlando: barring civil juries in Rule 76 claims ‘makes sense’

Recent changes to the Rules of Civil Procedure eliminating civil juries in actions under $200,000 will help streamline the litigation process and make it more affordable for plaintiffs, says Ontario personal injury lawyer Dale Orlando. Read more

Forget earns reputation as tenacious, hard-working advocate

Preparation is key for Toronto insurance defence lawyer Martin Forget, who conducts several trials every year, frequently arguing before a jury. Read more

Condo boards must proactively address harassment: Greco

Harassment is a growing concern for condo corporations, says Toronto condominium lawyer Patrick Greco. Read more

Tough bail conditions to follow overturned murder conviction

Expect strict bail conditions to be set for a Moncton woman whose first-degree murder conviction has been overturned by the New Brunswick Court of Appeal, Toronto criminal lawyer Christopher Hicks tells the CBC. Read more

Transgender woman ordered to pay over body waxing complaint

VANCOUVER — B.C.’s Human Rights Tribunal says a transgender woman attempted to use it as a “weapon to extort or bully another person” into a financial settlement and has ordered she pay $6,000 to those she accused. Read more

Plaintiff, defence experts should get same report materials

Experts retained by the defence and plaintiff should both be provided with the same materials when preparing reports on motor vehicle injuries, says Toronto orthopaedic spine and trauma surgeon Dr. Michael Ford. Read more

Seek legal coaching when representing yourself in court: Khan

Defending yourself in court doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect if you get the right advice, says Oakville family lawyer and mediator Robina Khan, who coaches clients through the process. Read more

Dependency claim can improve settlement in wrongful death

If someone dies in an auto accident due to the actions of another driver or the failure of the municipality to maintain the road, dependants can make a claim under the Family Law Act, for loss of care, guidance and companionship, but in the right case compensation should not be limited to those heads of damages, says Barrie-area personal injury lawyer Steve Rastin. Read more

Computer sleuthing can be key to strong defence: Daviau

Gathering the evidence necessary to clear a person wrongfully accused of child pornography charges is a matter of knowing how and where to find it, says Toronto criminal lawyer Lindsay Daviau, who has successfully defended multiple clients in such cases. Read more

Jury out on probate fee changes

It remains to be seen how Ontario’s elimination of probate fees for small estates will play out in the long run, says Toronto wills and estates lawyer Lisa Laredo. Read more

Rejected pot shop applicants seek leave to appeal

Lawyers representing 11 people who were disqualified from applying to open a cannabis retail store in Ontario are seeking leave to appeal after a court dismissed their challenge of the rejection last month. Read more

Human trafficking legislation far too broad: Zita

An Ontario Court of Appeal decision in a sexual exploitation case shows how wide a range of activities is criminalized by Canada’s human trafficking legislation, says Toronto criminal lawyer Jessica Zita. Read more