Extra protection in place for minors involved in a lawsuit

Toronto personal injury lawyer Jasmine Daya is undaunted by the extra steps associated with a lawsuit launched on behalf of a minor plaintiff. Read more

Web scraping is 'robbery:' Kulish

A recent Federal Court of Canada decision on web scraping shows that “you can’t go into someone’s house and steal from their pantry,” says Toronto intellectual property lawyer Taras Kulish. Read more

Court for people with FASD ‘a terrific’ idea: Friedberg

A Manitoba court that specifically caters to people with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) is a great idea that could work in Ontario, says Toronto criminal lawyer Matthew Friedberg. Read more

Dividing pensions in divorce a complex matter: Schwartz

A simpler valuation process has not eliminated disputes over the division of pensions between splitting spouses, says Toronto family lawyer Glen Schwartz. Read more

'Moving parts' can result in different business valuations

A thorough business valuation may not be straightforward and two equally qualified valuators can, and often do, reach varying conclusions, says forensic accountant and chartered business valuator Patricia Harris. Read more

Cahill ‘excited’ to chair OTLA’s medical malpractice section

Toronto personal injury lawyer Paul Cahill says he is confident his experience in the field will allow him to “make a meaningful contribution” as section chair of the medical malpractice section of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA). Read more

Company benefits when retaining solicitors who can litigate

Hiring a solicitor who can also litigate a business dispute ensures counsel has a deep understanding of the issues at hand — and can often be more cost-effective for clients, says Toronto business lawyer Inga Andriessen. Read more

Tax court costs awards may prompt CRA to settle before trial

Parties who are successful against the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) in tax court are entitled to the reimbursement of some costs, which may act as a strong incentive for the taxman to settle a case before trial, says Canadian tax lawyer David J. Rotfleisch . Read more

Divorce agreements can affect estate settlements: Horst

Failing to fulfil your obligations in a divorce settlement can be costly, even after you pass away, says Toronto wills and estate lawyer Marlin Horst. Read more

New B.C. accident rules make it vital to call a lawyer: Ford

Recent changes in British Columbia’s auto insurance industry makes it “more important than ever to get legal advice immediately after an accident,” says Kamloops personal injury lawyer Matthew Ford. Read more

Witness interviews crucial to workplace investigation

Interviewing witnesses is one of the most important aspects of any workplace investigation — a step that’s as critical as it is challenging, says Toronto employment lawyer and mediator Stuart Rudner. Read more

Fraudsters often the people you least expect: Oswald

Age is no barrier to fraud, says Toronto forensic accountant and investigator Dave Oswald. Read more

Bajwa offers clients expedited path to solving legal matters

Client satisfaction is the top priority for Toronto family lawyer Numan Bajwa. Read more

Ticker writes a new chapter in his career with first book

Toronto-area estates litigator Charles B. Ticker has written the perfect book for those who know "bubkes" about estates and trusts. Read more

Taxpayers on the hook to review returns: Woodyard

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is limited in terms of how far back it can look into back tax returns, but don’t assume that will protect you from being audited for past statements, says Toronto tax litigator Adrienne Woodyard. Read more

How to effectively prepare for an employment mediation

Parties can lay the groundwork for successful mediation by communicating rationally and reasonably from the outset, according to Toronto employment law mediators Barry B. Fisher and Peter Israel. Read more

Civil jury trial system needs update: Lee

Ontario’s civil jury system “reduces access to justice for many injured plaintiffs” and needs to be modernized, says Toronto personal injury lawyer Andrew M. Lee. Read more

Employees have options when harassed at work: Mandin

Victims of harassment should not be afraid to seek legal advice, says Toronto civil litigator Stephany Mandin. Read more

Be tough but polite when building referral networks: Achkar

When it comes to building network alliances, the personal approach trumps the transactional every time, says Toronto employment and human rights lawyer Christopher Achkar. Read more