Pay heed to health regulator’s advertising rules: Mietkiewicz

Health-care professionals should educate themselves on their regulators’ advertising rules before making claims about their practice, says Burlington health lawyer Cathi Mietkiewicz. Read more

High school teacher jailed for secret videos of students’ chests

TORONTO — A high school teacher convicted by Canada’s top court of voyeurism for secretly video recording female students with a pen camera has been handed a six-month jail term. Read more

Mega-courthouse falls short of needs: Waddell

Toronto’s new $1-billion mega-courthouse is a good concept built on a flawed foundation, says Toronto Lawyers Association (TLA) president Margaret Waddell. Read more

More than new curriculum needed to combat cyberbullying

A new health and physical education curriculum for elementary students is not enough on its own to combat the problem of cyberbullying in schools, says Toronto personal injury lawyer Jasmine Daya. Read more

Being unco-operative in court can be costly: Shinehoft

A man who was ordered to pay his ex-wife almost $500,000 in court costs for being “unreasonable” during divorce proceedings should serve as a warning to others, says Toronto family lawyer Elinor Shinehoft. Read more

Keep flags, election signs out of condo windows: Kleiner

Condo dwellers who want to show their support of candidates in political elections should do it in a way that doesn’t involve posting signs in windows or common areas of the building, advises Toronto condominium lawyer Warren Kleiner. Read more

Contesting wills on the rise, Ticker not surprised

Large asset transfers and a willingness to sue are fuelling an explosion in estate litigation, says Toronto-area estates litigator and mediator Charles B. Ticker. Read more

Societal shift a remedy for gender discrimination: Ray-Ellis

A 2019 global survey from job search firm Glassdoor that found women earn 84 cents for every dollar men make demonstrates that the wage gap continues to be a real issue, says Toronto employment lawyer Soma Ray-Ellis. Read more

The merits of taking the ‘high road’ in divorce

A recent breakup with a record-setting financial settlement shows amicable divorce doesn’t have to be an oxymoron, says Toronto family lawyer Kathryn Hendrikx. Read more

Time for Licence Appeal Tribunal 'rewrite:' Rastin

Concerns expressed in 2015 about the Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT) assuming responsibility for accident benefits disputes have been validated, says Barrie-area personal injury lawyer Steve Rastin. Read more

FOLA invites lawyers’ suggestions for modernizing legal aid

Ontario lawyers are urged to submit their ideas, concerns and views about legal aid as the provincial government works on amending the Legal Aid Services Act, says Katie Robinette, executive director of the Federation of Ontario Law Associations (FOLA). Read more

Immigration system praised but it could be better: Jeffery

An international report praising Canada’s immigration system is “good news,” says Toronto immigration lawyer Matthew Jeffery, who agrees with the assessment that it can be improved. Read more

Situation dictates reasonable force in defending property

When determining what kind of force can be used to defend your property, the circumstances dictate what is considered appropriate, says Calgary criminal lawyer Greg Dunn. Read more

Decision underlines importance of financial disclosure

A recent Superior Court judgment shows the risk of discounting financial disclosure during a split, says St. Catharines family lawyer and mediator Sharon Silbert. Read more

Constructive dismissal risky for employees

Employees who believe they have been constructively dismissed take a risk when they walk away from their job, says Toronto labour and employment lawyer John De Vellis. Read more

Banning of CBD user at U.S. border ‘ridiculous’: Neuberger

Canadians must heed warnings that even though marijuana products are legal in many states, taking them across the U.S. border is not, says Toronto criminal lawyer Joseph Neuberger. Read more

Statement of claim is not a notice of rescission: Adler

A recent case illustrates that when seeking to rescind an agreement with a franchisor, a franchisee must give proper notice and can’t do it at the eleventh hour in a lawsuit, says Toronto franchise lawyer Joseph Adler. Read more

Cancer treatment error not necessarily a slam-dunk lawsuit

Errors can occur with surprising frequency when someone is being treated for cancer, says Oakville personal injury lawyer Meghan Walker. Read more

Transgender case could open new avenues in law: Marshall

The issue of transgender rights has created new challenges when it comes to human rights protections, says Toronto employment and human rights lawyer Kevin Marshall. Read more

Punishing your way out of problems is ‘counterintuitive’

Extrajudicial measures are a great tool to keep youths out of regular courts while encouraging them not to reoffend, says Toronto criminal lawyer Ryan Handlarski. Read more