Social media content can be vital during a family law matter

In the middle of a heated domestic dispute people often say things over social media and in text messages that they think can be easily deleted, but it’s rarely gone for good, says Tyler Hatch, founder and CEO of DFI Forensics Inc. Read more

Clarification needed on Not-for-Profit Corporations Act

It’s time to end the uncertainty surrounding the modernization of the Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA), says Toronto charity and not-for-profit lawyer Taras Kulish. Read more

Vital to seek medical help, legal advice after head trauma

Anyone who suffers a head injury should seek medical help as soon as possible, and call a lawyer if symptoms persist, says Brampton personal injury lawyer Nital Gosai. Read more

Follow the money when hunting online trademark violators

Counterfeiters and trademark violators thrive in the vast world of online marketplaces, says Jim Downs, managing director of MKD International Inc., who assists clients in researching and conducting surveillance to track down offenders. Read more

Police in schools not the answer to gang activity: Fennel

Putting police in schools isn’t the solution to preventing kids from joining gangs, says Toronto criminal lawyer John Fennel. Read more

Communication key when introducing children to new partner

Divorced parents in a fresh relationship should not be in a hurry to introduce the new love interest to their children, advises Toronto family lawyer Leanne Townsend. Read more

Detailed factum leads to drug charges being withdrawn

Toronto criminal lawyer Jordana Goldlist knows first-hand it pays to write a detailed factum for Charter applications — that's how she recently secured the withdrawal of charges against her client. Read more

Lawyers play integral role when companies evaluate offers

In the early stages of the acquisition process, a trusted legal adviser can play a vital role not only in helping companies evaluate the various aspects of the offer but also in facilitating the relationship between the seller and the prospective buyer, says Toronto corporate lawyer Chaim Sapirman. Read more

Abrams finds niche in nascent cannabis law

Toronto cannabis lawyer Whitney Abrams knows she is on the cutting edge of something big. Read more

Ontario Health Teams bring together a variety of care providers

Providing a full continuum of care within a geographic region is the key to acceptance for many prospective members of Ontario Health Teams (OHT), says Toronto health lawyer Michael Gleeson. Read more

Cases demonstrate the nuances of employee resignations

A resignation is not always as decisive as it looks, says Toronto employment lawyer Jordan Rodney. Read more

Work with condo board when you want to make changes: Mackey

If you live in a condo and want to build a deck or make other changes to your common areas, work with your board to enter into a mutual agreement that will make it permanent to avoid future cost and conflict, says Toronto condominium lawyer Megan Mackey. Read more

Mediation is safest way to handle termination pay grey areas

Grey areas in the law surrounding termination clauses are great for mediators but bad for public policy, says Toronto employment mediator and arbitrator Barry B. Fisher. Read more

Gender-neutral change room for barristers now open at OCA

TORONTO — The Law Society of Ontario says a gender-neutral space has now been created at the province’s top court for barristers needing to change into their robes. Read more

CBSA’s search of lawyer’s cellphone, laptop troubling: Grey

The Canadian Border Services Agency’s (CBSA) ability to search electronic devices belonging to lawyers returning to Canada raises serious questions around both solicitor-client privilege and other areas of personal information that are open to government intervention, says Alberta civil litigator Leighton Grey. Read more

Rosen returns to alma mater to teach health law course

Toronto health lawyer Lonny Rosen returns to his roots this fall as an adjunct professor at Osgoode Hall Law School. Read more

Caregivers entitled to compensation: court

Those who act as executors and attorneys are generally entitled to compensation for performing their duties, says Toronto litigator Matthew Urback. Read more

Decision on testifying at trial weighs heavily on appeal

One of the biggest strategic decisions a trial lawyer can make that will affect a possible future appeal is whether to advise their client to testify, says Toronto criminal lawyer Lindsay Daviau, who has handled numerous trials and appeals. Read more

Ruling against Toronto editor strikes right balance: Izadi

The one-year house-arrest sentence given to the editor of a Toronto-based publication for promoting hatred against women and Jews sends the correct message, says Toronto criminal lawyer Melody Izadi. Read more

Choice of school for children can add conflict to divorce

School choice can be a major source of tension following divorce, says Toronto family lawyer and mediator Steven Benmor. Read more