Ontario trying to attract more foreign workers with changes

Proposed changes to the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program ( ONIP ) should benefit people wanting to become permanent residents and companies in need of skilled employees, says Toronto immigration lawyer Andrew Carvajal. Read more

Ban bully offers, double-ending to improve fairness: Samaroo

Banning bully offers and double-ending by realtors would make the real estate market fairer for consumers, says Toronto real estate lawyer Sarita Samaroo. Read more

Bar set high for awarding costs against counsel

Seeking costs directly from opposing counsel is an uphill battle, says Toronto civil litigator Sarah O’Connor. Read more

Deepa Tailor: not your typical old-school lawyer

Mississauga lawyer Deepa Tailor brings a fresh, progressive approach to what is traditionally thought of as a staid, old-school legal profession, and people are starting to notice. Read more

Grey divorce – navigating a later-in-life split

Couples who have been together for many years sometimes discover that the traditional vow “till death do us part” is not realistic, and their marriage ends in what is referred to as a grey divorce, says Toronto family lawyer Ken H. Nathens . Read more

Judge awards $2.5 million for suffering 'hate speech at its worst'

A self-styled online media personality whose websites frequently air anti-Muslim content has been ordered to pay the owner of a prominent Middle Eastern restaurant chain millions of dollars after publicly accusing him of funding terrorism. Read more

Legal Aid cuts penny wise but pound foolish: Fennel

Cuts to Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) will lead to unjust convictions as more defendants are forced to go unrepresented, Toronto criminal lawyer John Fennel says. Read more

In a partnership, you must take risk to reap reward: Virc

A recent Ontario Court of Appeal judgment is an instructive tutorial on the difference between limited and general partnerships, says Toronto civil litigator Patricia Virc . Read more

Timing, circumstances dictate child support for adult children

Adult children may not be eligible for child support once they have moved out of the house and lived independently for more than a year, even if their circumstances change, says Toronto family lawyer Gene C. Colman. Read more

Tread carefully with non-competition clauses: Hawryliw

Employers should take care when drawing up non-competition clauses because they can be difficult to enforce, says Barrie employment lawyer Scott Hawryliw. Read more

Scruton rewarded by an early fascination with Charter

Kamloops criminal lawyer Lisa Mae Scruton set off on the path to her future career at an earlier age than most. Read more

Benign housekeeping or self-protection? wonders Moreau

While the government says it’s just trying to improve the legal process for those who have a beef with the Crown, proposed legislative changes may actually deny justice to those with meritorious claims, Toronto civil litigator Stephen Moreau writes in The Lawyer’s Daily . Read more

Is an engagement ring a conditional gift?

Whether or not a jilted fiancé is legally required to return the engagement ring is “really not a settled issue” in Ontario, Toronto family lawyer Jennifer Shuber tells the Toronto Star . Read more

Nova Scotia human rights board awards nearly $600,000 for racist discrimination

HALIFAX — A human rights board has ordered the City of Halifax to pay almost $600,000 in damages after a former bus mechanic suffered racist discrimination. Read more

$20M 'obituary piracy' case sets precedent: Simpson

A judgment awarding $20 million to grieving families for “obituary piracy” will serve as an authority in copyright law, says Toronto intellectual property lawyer John Simpson . Read more

Is my estate dispute suited for mediation?

Mediation can be successful for almost any type of matter, Toronto trust and estate litigator and mediator Felice Kirsh tells Read more

New benchers must stay mindful of all issues within mandate

While a new group of Law Society of Ontario (LSO) benchers were seemingly elected to get rid of the Statement of Principles (SOP), they also need to be aware that they are serving a four-year term to govern the profession in the public interest — which is the statutory LSO mandate, Toronto lawyer and arbitrator Earl Cherniak writes in The Lawyer’s Daily . Read more

Any-occupation test a common reason to lose disability benefits

Toronto personal injury and disability lawyer Nainesh Kotak tells Global News that his client’s experience of being cut off disability benefits while undergoing chemotherapy treatment for intestinal cancer illustrates a persistent problem with workplace disability benefits. Read more

Pre-incorporation deals come with risks: Horst

People who put down a deposit for a property on behalf of a company that is not yet incorporated could lose that money if the buyer pulls out of the deal, says Toronto corporate lawyer Marlin Horst . Read more

Complexity of construction disputes makes them perfect for ADR

The complexity of construction disputes makes them prime candidates for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, says Toronto lawyer and arbitrator Marvin Huberman. Read more