Employers have duty to act before workplace bullying starts: Low

In the final instalment of a two-part series on bullying at work, Toronto employment lawyer Ellen Low discusses employer obligations and the results of a recent study. Read more

Take action if wrongdoing is suspected within your business

Initiating a forensic accounting investigation is critical for entrepreneurs facing suspicious activity within their business, says forensic accountant and chartered business valuator Patricia Harris. Read more

Considering a plea deal begins with the client: Daviau

A client's intentions must be top of mind when advising whether to accept a plea deal, says Toronto criminal lawyer Lindsay Daviau. Read more

Government’s proposed insurance changes a start: Derfel

The Ontario government’s plan to reinstate a $2-million default benefit limit for catastrophic injuries is welcome news, says Toronto personal injury lawyer David Derfel. Read more

Mediating neighbour disputes can save time, money: Rose

In the first instalment of a three-part series on the benefits of mediation in disputes where there are ongoing relationships that need to be managed quickly and inexpensively, Toronto mediator and settlement counsel Mitchell Rose focuses on neighbours. Read more

Detailed will can reduce disputes between heirs

The more detail a testator can put into a will, the better, says Toronto wills and estates lawyer Elinor Shinehoft. Read more

Dictionary definition helps decide will challenge

Testators should steer clear of ambiguous language if they wish to avoid a will challenge after their death, says Toronto wills and estates lawyer Matthew Urback. Read more

Reasonable steps requirement weakens presumption of innocence

A dissenting Supreme Court (SCC) judge was right to declare unconstitutional a section of the internet child-luring law that essentially obliges the accused to prove their innocence, says Toronto criminal lawyer Melody Izadi. Read more

Mobile forensics pro a valuable ally in family law disputes

Smartphones and social media applications help people stay connected, but they can also facilitate online harassment and spying once a relationship breaks down, says Tyler Hatch , founder and CEO of DFI Forensics Inc . Read more

Suing the city part 2

In the final instalment of a two-part series, Kamloops personal injury lawyer Matthew Ford discusses the steps to take when filing a negligence claim against a city or municipality. Read more

Vital for injured cyclists to quickly collect evidence

When a bike and a car collide, and the cyclist suffers head injuries, it is essential to start gathering evidence as soon as possible, says Toronto critical injury lawyer Patrick Brown . Read more

Case may clarify how platforms treat defamatory content: Winkler

An ongoing lawsuit in British Columbia could help define what responsibility online platforms have once they are notified that content on their site is defamatory, Toronto lawyer and mediator Howard Winkler says. Read more

Mixed news for accident victims in auto insurance reforms

Small savings on premiums can leave big deficits in care after an accident, says Toronto personal injury lawyer Gary Will. Read more

Recourse for employees who aren’t paid on time

Toronto employment lawyer Mackenzie Irwin says employees who aren’t being paid on time have a number of options to remedy the situation. Read more

A tightly drafted will can spare litigation

A recent Alberta will challenge illustrates the danger of a loosely drafted will, says Toronto-area estates litigator Charles B. Ticker. Read more

New legal expense insurance trend represents challenge for PI lawyers

Legal expense insurance (LEI) was initially designed to increase access to justice for injured plaintiffs who would otherwise be unable to proceed to trial, but a recent development related to how insurers approach the product should concern all stakeholders, says Amanda Bafaro , Chief Risk Officer of Toronto-based specialist litigation finance firm BridgePoint Financial Services Inc. Read more

Long-term, involved engagement key to profit planning success

While almost any law firm can benefit from profitability improvement planning, Toronto legal management consultant Mark Dormer says there are specific indicators that should prompt owners to take immediate action. Read more

Appeal court: doctors have to give referrals for services they oppose

TORONTO — Ontario’s highest court ruled Wednesday that doctors in the province must give referrals for medical services that clash with their religious beliefs, calling it a compromise that balances the rights of physicians and the interests of patients. Read more

Personal injury fakers should be prosecuted: Ford

Police should consider laying fraud charges when surveillance evidence reveals accident victims have been faking their injuries, says Toronto orthopaedic spine and trauma surgeon Dr. Michael Ford . Read more

FOLA: Province paying lip service to consultation on critical issues

The Ontario government’s lack of commitment to meaningful consultation is striking another blow to access to justice, says Michael Winward, chair of The Federation of Ontario Law Associations (FOLA). Read more