Fully staffed prosecution only ‘one-third of the solution’

The addition of more prosecutors is good news for Alberta, and will provide help with the increased caseload facing the province’s criminal justice system, says Calgary criminal lawyer Greg Dunn. Read more

Top reasons why family businesses need a succession blueprint

A succession plan should be included in the overall planning strategy for the financial well-being of privately held real estate and construction businesses, says forensic accountant and chartered business valuator Patricia Harris. Read more

Diversity of condo law files keeps Hernandez focused

Toronto condominium lawyer Luis Hernandez isn’t afraid to give his clients the unvarnished truth. Read more

Court system upgrade needed as much as class-action reform

The need to improve the court system gets lost in talk of reform of Ontario’s class-action laws, says Toronto civil litigator Darryl Singer. Read more

Maternity leave rights must be followed: MacLeod

Employees returning from maternity leave must be given their former job back, or if it no longer exists, a comparable position, though there are some exceptions to that rule, says Toronto employment lawyer Doug MacLeod. Read more

Top 10 tips on how to prepare for mediation: Fisher

People entering mediation after their job has been terminated can improve their chances of success if they bring proper documentation and the right mindset to the process, says Toronto employment lawyer and mediator Barry Fisher. Read more

Check thoroughly for defects before closing on home: Murray

Homebuyers who only discover defects in their new property after closing the deal may still be able to sue the vendors, says Ottawa paralegal Amri Murray. Read more

Legal guardianships vital for people with disabilities

The life expectancy for children with cognitive disabilities is growing, and this has serious financial and legal implications for their families as their parents age and die, says Ottawa disabilities and estate planning lawyer Kenneth Pope. Read more

Immigration policy needs fix to allow more foreign workers

Canada needs to revamp its immigration policy to provide much-needed labour for our workforce, says Toronto immigration lawyer Matthew Jeffery. Read more

Judgment opens reasonable notice debate for fired workers

A judgment dealing with reasonable notice for long-serving workers has takeaways for employers and employees, says Toronto employment lawyer Ellen Low. Read more

Analysis: Oland acquittal boils down to time of death

The fate of Dennis Oland was ultimately decided by the men working one floor below his father on the night Richard Oland was murdered, says Toronto criminal lawyer Christopher Hicks. Read more

Expert witness testimony key in Charter violation ruling

The defence in a B.C. drug trial has made effective use of an expert witness to demonstrate that a police dog’s behaviour did not justify the search of a man’s vehicle, says Ottawa criminal lawyer Céline Dostaler. Read more

Workplace investigation final reports must be defensible

A workplace investigation requires a conclusion and a report, says Toronto employment lawyer and mediator Stuart Rudner. Read more

Tax planning essential for Canadian owners of U.S. property

For Canadians who own real property in the United States, staying proactive, complying with U.S. tax rules and regulations and staying on top of pre- and post-sale planning are essential to ensure they don’t lose money on an otherwise potentially profitable investment, says Oakville-based U.S. tax attorney (NY, DC) Alexey Manasuev. Read more

Mass tort vs. class action — which is right for your case

Mass tort litigation is a better fit for some plaintiffs than class actions, says Oakville personal injury lawyer Meghan Walker. Read more

Joining corporate registries — do I need a lawyer?

People looking to add their firm to a provincial corporate registry can do it by themselves, but they’d be better off in the long run if they consulted a corporate lawyer first to ensure everything is done correctly, says Edmonton corporate lawyer Kirk Goodman. Read more

Neesons court reporters trained to aid in guarding privilege

Properly trained court reporters can help lawyers protect solicitor-client privilege, says Neesons, a Veritext Company, founder and principal, Kim Neeson. Read more

LAT ‘fully entitled’ to make awards in bad faith claims

A recent Court of Appeal decision has opened the door for accident victims who are poorly treated by their insurers to pursue bad faith claims at the Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT), says Ontario personal injury lawyer Patrick Brown. Read more

MacDonald addresses Commons committee on military harassment

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) must do more to protect its female members from discrimination and harassment, says Toronto employment lawyer Natalie MacDonald. Read more

Patient fights off defamation claim by former surgeon

A woman sued by her former surgeon is relieved after successfully dismissing a defamation claim brought by the doctor, says her counsel, Toronto personal injury lawyer David Derfel. Read more