Technology can be a dispute-resolution tool in family law

The benefits of technology in family law go way beyond efficiency, says Darren Gingras, executive director of SIËSDE Dispute Resolution Technologies. Read more

Systemic solutions required following long-term care inquiry

Government and other stakeholders must work together to address the problems identified by the Long-Term Care Homes Public Inquiry, says Toronto health lawyer Simmie Palter. Read more

Dispelling the myth that creating a will is unnecessary

People give up control of their estate administration when they fail to make a will, says Toronto wills and estates lawyer Mary Wahbi. Read more

Province’s auto insurance proposal flawed: TLA president

A proposal to allow drivers to reduce their auto insurance premiums by dropping their coverage to $1 million is problematic, Toronto Lawyers Association (TLA) president Margaret Waddell tells Law Times. Read more

Subway’s defamation lawsuit aimed at stifling criticism: CBC

TORONTO — A lawsuit by the world’s largest fast-food operator over a report on the content of its chicken sandwiches is an attempt to stop the CBC from covering matters of public interest, an Ontario court heard on Tuesday. Read more

Living in the same home not necessary for a common-law union

Maintaining separate residences doesn’t mean you are not in a common-law relationship in the eyes of the court, says Pickering family lawyer Angela Princewill. Read more

SCC peels back curtain on police actions as trespassers

The Supreme Court of Canada came down hard on the actions of police “as trespassers on private property” when it set aside a man’s drug and gun convictions, says Toronto criminal lawyer Jacob Stilman. Read more

Expect social media posts to be produced in injury claim

Private investigators and social media mining are common tactics used by insurance companies to bring the severity or existence of a plaintiff’s injuries into question, says Ontario personal injury lawyer Dale Orlando. Read more

Data breach highlights how easily it can happen

Data breaches happen a lot more often than people probably realize, says London, Ont. cybersecurity lawyer Peter Dillon, who helps companies deal with the fallout after their systems have been hacked. Read more

Calm atmosphere promotes resolution at Paul’s new office

With the demand for family mediation services on the rise, Oakville mediator and arbitrator Cathryn Paul has moved into a new space that provides for better access and offers a welcoming environment for parties to reach a resolution. Read more

Account for every inch of your property when selling: Bernstein

People selling a property must ensure they describe the land accurately or the buyer has a valid reason to back out of the sale, says Toronto real estate lawyer Daniel Bernstein. Read more

CPLED program provides lawyers a chance to give back

The Canadian Centre for Professional Legal Education’s (CPLED) new bar admission program offers lawyers an opportunity to give back to their community, says the organization’s CEO Kara Mitchelmore. Read more

Condo boards often brought into disputes between neighbours

A legal battle between a celebrity and his Manhattan neighbour may be a rather extreme example of a fairly common condominium dispute, says Toronto condominium lawyer Luis Hernandez. Read more

Ontario bail system in need of serious repair: Gadhia

After a brief period of reform, bail courts are reverting to their overly restrictive ways, says Toronto criminal lawyer Roots Gadhia. Read more

Act promptly if injured on municipal property: Hollingsworth

As the winter season approaches, people need to be aware of what is involved when filing claims for injuries if they are hurt in slip-and-fall incidents on municipal property, says Ottawa personal injury lawyer David Hollingsworth. Read more

Supporting damage calculations in construction tender disputes

Forensic accountants can provide an opinion regarding the loss of profit in tendering disputes involving construction companies and project bidders, says forensic accountant and chartered business valuator Patricia Harris, who may be called to testify as an expert witness during litigation. Read more

Government must ‘start from scratch’ with auto insurance

The provincial government needs to stop tinkering with its auto insurance regime and start from scratch if it hopes to achieve the goals of its blueprint for automobile insurance, says Michael Winward, chair of The Federation of Ontario Law Associations (FOLA). Read more

Multiple discharges from bankruptcy ‘not unheard of’

Toronto financial services lawyer Timothy R. Dunn tells Law Times that the Superior Court of Ontario’s decision to grant a suspended discharge to a man bankrupt for the fourth time in 13 years is rare but not necessarily inconsistent with the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, which is intended to give relief to “honest but unfortunate debtors.” Read more

Ontario to allow agencies to reject tenants evicted for crimes

TORONTO — Ontario will allow community housing providers to reject tenants who have previously been evicted for criminal activity. Read more

Legal aid needs more funding, not less: TLA

The provincial government needs to rethink its “slash and burn of legal aid,” says Toronto Lawyers Association (TLA) president Margaret Waddell. Read more