Case comes down to communicated consent: Rosen

A hearing to determine whether and to what extent that an alleged victim’s sexual history can be entered into evidence should have been held prior to the trial of an Ontario truck driver charged in the death of a sex trade worker, says Toronto criminal lawyer John Rosen. Read more

Preparation key to successful Ontario Health Team application

Organizations hoping to be part of an Ontario Health Team (OHT) should be fine-tuning plans before invitations to submit a full application go out next month, says Toronto health lawyer Michael Gleeson. Read more

$20-million obituary piracy judgment likely a symbolic victory

A $20-million judgment against a website for pirating obituaries may turn out to be a symbolic victory for the families of the deceased, says Toronto business lawyer Bill Northcote. Read more

Technology key to creating efficiencies in family law: Hendrikx

Access to justice in family law has become such a significant issue that the system is in need of modernization, says Toronto family lawyer Kathryn Hendrikx. Read more

Griffiths drawn to assisting those in difficult situations

When criminal lawyer Joanne Griffiths enrolled in university, she intended to become a doctor, specifically a psychiatrist who could assist people in challenging, stressful situations. Read more

Providing option for assisted death a personal choice

If patients request medically assisted death, it is imperative that physicians and nurse practitioners are aware of the legal requirements involved in that process, says Toronto health lawyer Elyse Sunshine. Read more

Expansion gives Veritext national court-reporting presence

Litigants across the country are a step closer to a one-stop shop for court-reporting needs as Veritext Legal Solutions , through its Canadian arm, VT Canada Litigation Solutions, Inc., expands into western Canada, says Neesons Court Reporting founder and president Kim Neeson. Read more

Learning to Get Unstuck – The ABCDE Method

Most people get stuck at some point in their lives, whether at work or in a personal relationship, and feeling “frozen” is a common theme with many coaching clients, says Toronto lawyer and certified executive coach Michael Bury. Read more

Online will service useful in simple scenarios: Miller

A new online service should appeal to people who want simple wills at a low cost, but there is still a potential for misuse, says Toronto civil litigator Jonathan Miller. Read more

Tax compliance crucial for online businesses selling into U.S.

For Canadian-based entrepreneurs who sell goods or services into the U.S. market, tax must be paid to an applicable tax authority on income earned online — and to avoid the risk of double taxation, you must comply with both U.S. and Canadian tax laws and have the proper business structure within which you are operating, says Oakville-based U.S. tax attorney (NY, DC) Alexey Manasuev. Read more

Culture of Complacency positively rocks courthouse

London criminal lawyer Carolynn Conron says advocating for people doesn’t stop when court ends — she is also passionate about charitable work and helping others in her community. Read more

Case offers clarity to question of duty to mitigate: Fisher

Employees who have lousy jobs are obligated to look for similar gigs if they’re terminated, rather than take a package and be retrained at their former employer’s expense, says Toronto employment lawyer Barry Fisher. Read more

Changes aimed at fighting money laundering raise privacy concerns

A number of newly proposed measures aimed at combating money laundering in British Columbia’s real estate sector will likely create a huge burden as well as an invasion of privacy for a large number of property owners, says Vancouver corporate lawyer Jonathan Reilly. Read more

Cohen to lead Fertility Matters Canada advocacy group

Toronto fertility lawyer Sara Cohen has been named president of Canada’s leading fertility advocacy organization. Read more

Harassment suspicion should trigger workplace investigation

Employers have an absolute duty to conduct fair and thorough workplace investigations, even in the absence of a formal complaint, says Toronto employment lawyer and mediator Stuart Rudner. Read more

Long summer break can make for tricky access negotiations

The length of the school summer break can make it a sticking point between parents negotiating visitation agreements following a separation, says Markham family law lawyer Andrew Feldstein. Read more

How safety records for commercial vehicle operators are calculated

In part one of a two-part series on the Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration (CVOR), Toronto licensing and compliance lawyer Anar Dewshi lays out the requirements for compliance. Read more

Valuation clause important part of shareholders' agreement

A shareholders' agreement that doesn’t contain a valuation clause could create uncertainty and even animosity among parties if an evaluation of shares is required later on, Toronto business lawyer Anton Katz tells Read more

Gun debate typifies historic tension between freedom, safety

Handgun bans infringe on the civil liberties of law-abiding citizens while doing nothing to prevent violent, predatory crime, says Calgary criminal lawyer Greg Dunn. Read more

Are you entitled to some of your ex's pay raise?

If an ex-spouse paying support receives a substantial increase in income, that person may have to bump up support payments, especially if there are dependents involved, says Toronto-area family lawyer Reesa Heft. Read more