ADR mitigates risk, enables custom resolutions: Upenieks

Relying on mediation to solve disputes rather than litigating in court can save time, money and relationships, says Brampton civil litigator Edwin Upenieks. Read more

Courthouse Library 'data hounds' hunt down research for lawyers

The Courthouse Library, run by the Toronto Lawyers Association (TLA), ensures equal access to justice by providing a wealth of resources to those lawyers with clients who don’t have the means to pay for extensive research, says TLA executive director Joan Rataic-Lang. Read more

Gaytan’s commercial litigation practice spans Canada, Mexico

Toronto commercial litigator Christopher Gaytan brings a personal touch to the practice of law. Read more

Judges need flexibility to deliver sentence that fits crime

Mandatory minimums lead to an imbalance in the justice system since they remove judicial discretion in sentencing, says Toronto criminal lawyer Sarah Malik, citing a 2018 Ontario Superior Court of Justice case where she helped to convince a judge that three such sentences were too onerous and violated the Charter. Read more

Stakeholder collaboration vital for access to justice: FOLA

All stakeholders must chip in if access to justice is to improve in Ontario, says William Woodward, vice-chair of the Federation of Ontario Law Associations (FOLA). Read more

Online will kits don’t cover all the bases: Ticker

People can initially save money by using an online will kit instead of going to a lawyer, but they may pay dearly for that shortcut down the road, says Toronto-area estates litigator Charles B. Ticker. Read more

Exploring legal options for pay-equity complaints

Comparators are key to pay-equity claims, says Toronto employment lawyer Bram Lecker. Read more

Similar fact evidence, experts key in Law Society Tribunal appeal

Toronto appellate counsel Brian Radnoff tells Law Times that a recent Law Society Tribunal decision illustrates the importance of expert witnesses and the problem of using similar fact evidence. Read more

Townsend joining boutique firm Brauti Thorning as partner

Since being called to the bar, Toronto family lawyer Leanne Townsend has been drawn to cases involving abuse and domestic violence. Read more

Consent key for insurance information requests: Sunshine

Clinicians should seek legal advice when in doubt about information requests from insurance companies concerning their patients, says Toronto health lawyer  Elyse Sunshine. Read more

Strike the right chord when starting a union: Ovsyannikov

Forming a workplace union can have its benefits, but it’s vital to ensure the proper procedures are followed during the process, says Vaughan employment lawyer Dennis Ovsyannikov. Read more

Digital charter strengthens combat on hate speech: Howden

The introduction of a new Canadian digital charter to combat hate speech, protect online privacy and battle fake news is timely, says Toronto employment lawyer Deborah Howden. Read more

Video evidence key in sports injury claims: Hollingsworth

Although many injuries suffered while playing a sport are not open to lawsuits because they’re considered an inherent risk of the game, video recordings assist in separating those acts that are clearly outside of the participant’s reasonable expectations, says Ottawa personal injury lawyer David Hollingsworth. Read more

Palter a trusted adviser to health law clients

When it comes to health law, Toronto lawyer Simmie Palter has done it all. Read more

Herscu: drowning frequently happens ‘quickly and quietly’

With the dog days of summer in full force, many families visit pools, beaches and lakes to beat the heat, but Easy Legal Finance Inc. president and CEO Larry Herscu says it’s vital to keep water safety top of mind. Read more

Video evidence must be exact to convict: Hardlarski

Police must exhaust all opportunities to gather evidence and not rely on a videotape of a suspect that might initially seem convincing, says Toronto criminal lawyer Ryan Handlarski, citing a recent case where he secured an acquittal for a youth accused of being part of an armed robbery. Read more

Taking a PI case to a jury can be risky: Marshall

A recent Ontario Court of Appeal (OCA) decision should make motor vehicle accident victims think twice about going to trial before a jury, says Toronto personal injury lawyer Kevin Marshall. Read more

Make no assumptions about MVA insurance claims: Lee

A motor vehicle insurance claim can come in many forms and is not limited to injuries suffered in a collision, says Toronto personal injury lawyer Andrew M. Lee. Read more

Aussie court finds media outlets liable: Winkler

Australia continues to lead the way in the consideration of online liability, and it remains to be seen whether Canadian courts will follow its lead, says Toronto lawyer and mediator Howard Winkler. Read more

Dangerous driving conviction not automatic in all fatalities

When a driver makes a mistake in judgment that results in a fatality, that action should not be automatically considered dangerous driving, says Toronto criminal lawyer Kristin Bailey, citing an Ontario Superior Court of Justice case where she obtained an acquittal for a man charged with dangerous driving causing death. Read more