Brown urges province to use roadside tech to catch cell users

Ontario personal injury lawyer and road safety advocate Patrick Brown tells CBC News he is lobbying the province to implement technology that would allow police to conduct roadside tests to see if drivers are using their cellphones behind the wheel. Read more

Money can’t compensate for death of loved one: Grillo

TORONTO — A fatal boat crash on an Ontario lake this summer has prompted a wrongful death lawsuit against celebrity businessman Kevin O'Leary and his wife Linda O'Leary, who was driving their vessel. Read more

Third parties can help executors avoid pitfalls, focus attention

Administering an estate is a daunting task that can require extensive skills beyond the scope of some executors, and seeking guidance from knowledgeable third parties can be an important part of ensuring all responsibilities of the role are met, says Avi Dahary, founder of AccounTrust. Read more

Employers can be liable for employee assaults on colleagues

Employers must perform their due diligence when appointing supervisors following a recent decision in which a magazine company was found vicariously liable for one employee’s assault on another, says Toronto employment lawyer Christopher Achkar. Read more

Buying property with friends can be a risky investment

Toronto’s inflated housing prices have forced would-be homeowners to get creative when it comes to finding a place to call their own, including teaming up with friends, says Toronto real estate lawyer Matthias Duensing. Read more

Learn from other cities’ problems with e-scooters: Pollard

As the popularity of e-scooters grows, so do the problems that accompany them, Oakville personal injury lawyer Weston Pollard writes in The Lawyer’s Daily. Read more

U.S. case could alter Canadian opioid crisis strategy: Dale

The manslaughter conviction of a U.S. doctor resulting from his prescribing of opioids could be the “catalyst” in the creation of a special narcotics prosecutors office in Canada, Toronto criminal lawyer Laurelly Dale tells The Lawyer’s Daily. Read more

Court has domain in determining injunctive relief: O'Connor

A recent Ontario Superior Court decision confirms that although a contract may contain a clause setting out when a breach causes irreparable harm, the court will ultimately determine whether harm has been established and if injunctive relief is appropriate, says Toronto civil litigator Sarah O’Connor. Read more

Statements of claim should not be seen as absolute fact: Daya

It is important to not assume statements of claim are absolute fact when considering allegations contained in a lawsuit, says Toronto personal injury lawyer Jasmine Daya. Read more

Marine expert opinion needed in wrongful death claim

A fatal boat crash on an Ontario lake this summer will require expert evidence from a marine accident reconstructionist, and investigators may be able to obtain important data from the watercraft involved in the accident, says Toronto personal injury lawyer Rohan Haté. Read more

Affordability of condo corporation insurance a growing crisis

A growing number of condo corporations are struggling to get reasonable insurance coverage, says Toronto condominium lawyer Armand Conant. Read more

Consider all options in unusual MVA injury claims: Paciocco

Never assume a personal injury case is not worth pursuing despite how unusual the circumstances, says Windsor personal injury lawyer Gino Paciocco. Read more

Justice’s technical prowess serves employment clients

Toronto employment lawyer Christopher Justice prides himself on being a fierce advocate for his clients, and he says nothing gives him a greater sense of satisfaction than the gratitude of a happy customer. Read more

When the media calls, be prepared to deliver: Schilder

In the fast-paced world of daily media, getting a shot at being quoted by a journalist on deadline means you must be ready to deliver relevant and succinct comments, often on a moment’s notice, says Toronto public relations professional Jana Schilder. Read more

How to avoid costly estates disputes: Gossin

Making a will is the most effective thing a person can do to avoid a dispute over their estate once they’re gone, says Toronto mediator and lawyer Eric Gossin. Read more

Step-parents can be ordered to pay child support

People beginning a relationship with someone who has children should understand that they could be held liable for child support upon separation, even if the biological parent is still alive, says Fredericton family lawyer and mediator Jennifer Donovan. Read more

Supreme Court set to hear Uber case with implications for gig economy

OTTAWA — The Supreme Court of Canada is set to start to hear a case today brought by Uber with potentially significant implications for the gig economy. Read more

Family retains Brown in wrongful death lawsuit against O'Learys

TORONTO — A fatal boat crash on an Ontario lake this summer has prompted a wrongful death lawsuit against celebrity businessman Kevin O’Leary and his wife Linda O’Leary, who was driving their vessel. Read more

Wright to appear before SCC in ride-sharing driver case

An agreement between the world’s leading ride-sharing service and one of its drivers is unfair, and the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) should uphold a lower court decision to allow a class-action lawsuit to proceed, Toronto employment lawyer Michael Wright tells the Globe and Mail. Read more

Time is not money – it’s much more valuable: Bury

In today’s “always-on” connectivity, almost everyone feels swamped by professional and personal demands on their time, says Michael Bury, a certified coach with Blue Pond Coaching, who helps professionals manage their time. Read more