Car accident results in life-changing brain injury

By Nainesh Kotak Motor vehicle accidents are the most common cause of personal injury lawsuits arising from a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Read more

Preparing for estate mediation

By Ian Hull With the enactment of Rule 75.1 of the Rules of Civil Procedure, those involved in disputes relating to an estate, trust or substitute decision-making matter in Toronto, Ottawa or the County of Essex are referred to mediation unless there is a court order exempting it under Rule 75.1.04. Read more

What if employer tries to force early return from disability leave?

By Steve Rastin As the Canadian workforce continues to get older, the number of workers facing disability issues continues to rise. Read more

It’s easier than ever to get small

By Suzana Popovic-Montag Comedian Steve Martin’s 1977 “Let’s Get Small” album foreshadows a lot of what’s been happening in our world recently. Read more

Getting my Uber legs

By Marcel Strigberger I’m a baby boomer. I finally underwent an important, long-awaited and overdue rite of passage. I just took my first Uber ride. I did not undergo the experience lightly. Read more

The three things you can’t afford to lose during your divorce

By Steven Benmor Nothing can be a bigger loss than the loss of your family life following divorce. Most people going through divorce lose their home, their spouse and the normal relationships they used to have with their children. Read more

Driving and the use of your phone

By Joseph Neuberger In December 2017, Ontario passed Bill 174 regulating the sale of recreational marijuana in the province. Under the Cannabis, Smoke-Free Ontario and Road Safety Statute Law Amendment Act, there are changes to the distracted driving laws that came into effect on January 1, 2019. Read more

How a real estate lawyer spots issues early on

By Matthias Duensing Thinking about buying or selling a home? That’s a huge investment, probably the biggest you will make in your lifetime. Read more

What are your options for getting a divorce without going to court?

By Deepa Tailor Divorce laws give married couples two options for divorce: amicable divorce and disputed divorce. Read more

Help! How do I choose the ‘right’ lawyer?

By Sarah Leamon Choosing a lawyer can be extremely stressful. It’s not something that we do every day. Read more

Court grants mother interim sole custody of child

By Lisa Gelman An Ontario court recently considered the interesting question of whether or not it was appropriate to grant interim custody to a parent while proceedings were underway. Read more

Is the relationship broken when an employee resigns but is re-hired?

By Laura Williams When an employee resigns, the existing employment relationship comes to an end. At that point, the employer is generally absolved of legal obligations except the duty to pay the employee during the resignation notice period, provided that the employee was not constructively dismissed. Read more

Court provides guidance to discipline committees on reasonable penalties

By Elyse Sunshine and Lonny Rosen In a recent decision, the Divisional Court (the Court) provided guidance regarding the criteria and principles of interpretation that should be considered when determining the appropriate penalty for professional misconduct. Read more

Does your organization need a ‘back-up’ privacy officer?

By Kate Dewhirst Yup — you do! I have heard from a lot of healthcare teams recently that they have been struggling with vacation, sick days, leaves of absence and unexpected departures from the privacy office. Read more

Wrongful dismissal damages for employee/shareholders

By Doug MacLeod Executives often receive different forms of compensation such as salary, bonus, short-term incentive compensation, long-term compensation, stock options, and income from shares in the corporation. Read more

Should you track your children electronically?

By Andrew Feldstein Electronic surveillance is easily one of the biggest changes to parenting in the last decade. Today we can watch our kids with nanny cams, track their location with GPS watches and scan through their text messages and browser histories using a variety of spyware. Read more

What does the OBCA say about your minute book?

By Anton Katz Your business must keep a minute book if it is incorporated. It’s not only good business practice, it’s also a legal obligation. Read more

Boating accident serves as a reminder

By Jasmine Daya Canada has more lakes than any other country in the world and more than the rest of the world combined. As Canadians, we enjoy participating in various water sports and boating activities especially during the summer months that always seem to breeze by far too fast. Read more

OCA finally sets limits on reasonable notice

By Barry B. Fisher In this case, the Ontario Court of Appeal struck down a 30 month notice period and reduced it to 24 months. Read more

Ontario labour laws advanced by U.S. company

By Bram Lecker and Simon Pelsmakher Ontario labour laws evolve by nature. Decisions rendered by courts set precedents and add to a jurisprudence that primarily remains pro-employee. Read more