Non-competition and non-solicitation: Achkar

By Christopher Achkar Employers often include what are called “restrictive covenants” within their employment contracts, i.e. non-competition and non-solicitation clauses, with a view of protecting their business after the employment relationship comes to an end. Read more

Ire, ire, ants on fire

By Marcel Strigberger My house has been invaded. I'm under siege. If I step out onto my back patio, I risk getting mauled by red ants. Does anybody have a solution? Read more

Ten tips for women to stay safe while travelling alone

By Alison Burrison Travelling alone may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who like it, it offers an exciting chance to have a completely self-directed opportunity to explore. Read more

How can I prevent embezzlement at my law firm?

By Erica Birstler Running an effective law practice means you can’t always be involved in every single detail of the firm’s operations. Read more

When should a court order a temporary advance of fees?

By Andrew Feldstein In this case, the court was tasked with determining whether to award the applicant with interim costs and disbursements in the amount of $150,000 in anticipation of her legal fees moving forward. Read more

(Yet) another termination clause bites the dust

By Doug MacLeod There are many ways to attack the termination clause in an employment contract. Read more

Obligations to report where patients may be unfit to drive

By Lonny Rosen and Elyse Sunshine Imagine this scenario: your patient recently had a seizure for which he saw a neurologist. He was diagnosed with epilepsy. Read more

Attack on right to make full answer and defence in sex assault trials

By Joseph Neuberger Growing public and media attention on the way sexual assault trials are conducted has increased the scrutiny upon defence lawyers and how these trials are conducted, with a focus on the way a complainant experiences the trial process. Read more

The influencers' guide to canna-promotion on Instagram

By Whitney Abrams Brands who formerly opted to use traditional forms of advertising like print and online media have taken to influencer marketing to capitalize on personalities who have large, and often targeted, relevant, niche audiences at their fingertips. Read more

Divorce mediation is not for everybody

By Steven Benmor In the last 20 years, mediation has become the panacea for many legal disputes. From employment, to human rights, to child protection, to personal injury, and for divorce, clients, lawyers and judges have all been seeking to use mediation to resolve all types of legal disputes. Read more

Sweeping changes to Canada Labour Code coming into force on Sept. 1

By Laura Williams On June 13, 2019, the federal government proclaimed Sept. 1, 2019, as the coming into force date for a number of amendments to the Canada Labour Code [Code]. Read more

Do you miss your alarm clock?

By Suzana Popovic-Montag Smartphones have disrupted a lot of old school technology – the humble alarm clock being one of them. Few people under 30 own an alarm clock, and I’m sure many don’t even know what an alarm clock is. Read more

Five things you need to know if you've been charged with assault

By Sarah Leamon Facing an assault allegation can be scary. The process of being investigated and arrested can be a daunting one. Read more

A special needs child requires special planning

By David M. Smith Approximately 1 in 66 Canadian children were diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2018. Autism is just one of many developmental disorders that children are diagnosed with each year. Read more

Sloppy will drafting can lead to family feud

By Matthias Duensing Lorne Hicklin was a well-loved member of his community, who ran an automotive repair shop in partnership with his younger brother James. Read more

Government overhauls foreign caregiver programs

By Andrew Carvajal On June 18, 2019, the Canadian government introduced major reforms to immigration programs designed to bring foreign caregivers to Canada and allow them to transition to permanent residence. While the changes are generally positive and welcomed by most stakeholders, they encompass significant reforms that impact foreign caregivers and their employers. Read more

Does your health-care team know what a privacy breach looks like?

By Kate Dewhirst Your privacy policy likely requires all staff members to “report any privacy breach” to the privacy officer. Read more

U.S. denies banning student visa for Nigerians

By Angela Princewill The United States Mission in Nigeria on Monday, June 17, 2019, issued a statement denying placing a ban on the issuing of student visas to Nigerians. Read more

Five ways to make your summer rock

By Ian Hull Summer is fleeting – and we often put pressure on ourselves to make the most of this three-month sliver of warmer weather. Read more

Tips for starting your own business after divorce

By Deepa Tailor Being newly divorced signals the start of a new life and the opportunity to design a new life as a single person, under your terms. Read more