Asthma, other respiratory conditions can cause long-term disability

By Nainesh Kotak . Chronic respiratory disorders are diseases of the airways and lungs that continue over a prolonged period or throughout the lifetime of the affected person. Read more

Is there life after death? (spoiler alert – we have the answer)

By Suzana Popovic-Montag . I don’t know about you, but I was a little disappointed when I discovered that one of the greatest thinkers of our time – Stephen Hawking – dismissed the notion of a life after death. Read more

Man who killed parents entitled to partial inheritance

By Charles Ticker . A recent story from New South Wales in Australia describes the struggle a woman had to stop her brother from inheriting from their parents after he killed them. Read more

Live longer – unusual tips for keeping the grim reaper at bay

By Ian Hull . We’re all too familiar with the conventional advice for living longer – and the same ol’, same ol’ is being trotted out again by scientists. A new study says that sticking to the following five things can prolong your life expectancy by more than a decade. The five things? Read more

‘Tis the season – winter road safety tips

By Patrick Brown and Nicole Fielding . Winter is known for treacherous weather and subpar driving conditions. The weather and resulting road conditions add an additional element of distraction for drivers, which can lead to dangerous conditions for our cyclists and pedestrians. Read more

No jokes are the new joking

By Marcel Strigberger . No joking. Am I joking? I don’t think so. I have come to the conclusion that in this day and age none of the age-old formula jokes are safe. Their utterer will indubitably end up within the crosshairs of the politically correct police. Let’s examine some of these long-established joke genres. Read more

Not a privilege between management and HR

By Barry B. Fisher . In this case , Master Champagne had to decide whether a series of emails between senior management and the human resources department had to be produced in an Affidavit of Documents. Read more

Making a disability claim in Ontario

By Bram Lecker and Kimberley Sebag . Most of us spend large portions of our day working to earn a living. This is central to almost every adult’s life. Your job drives family routines and dictates your lifestyle. When an illness or injury strikes, it can occur gradually or strike suddenly. This can leave some of us temporarily or permanently disabled and unable to work. Without prudent financial planning, a disability can bring major lifestyle changes and result in tremendous financial hardship. This is why all Ontario workers should understand where to seek income replacement when facing a disability. Here is a guide for making a disability claim in Ontario. Read more

Proportionality and third party disclosure

By Andrew Feldstein . The parties in this case divorced in 2015 after nine years of marriage. They had two children together. The parties entered into a separation agreement in Sept. 2014, which required the respondent father to pay $1,452 per month in child support to the applicant mother, concluding on Jan. 1, 2017. Read more

Three steps to influence organizational culture in health care

By Kate Dewhirst . What is culture? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, culture is the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization. Read more

What is ‘discovery’ and how do I prepare for it? (part II)

By Anton Katz . Part I of this blog discussed the discovery process in general as well as the first two steps: creating the discovery plan and exchanging affidavits of documents. Part II of this blog post will focus on the final steps in the discovery process: examinations for discovery and fulfilling any obligations that may arise afterward. Read more

Balancing the balance

By Inga Andriessen . I love the first couple of weeks after January 1 – it is the time of year you get to see which resolutions are sticking for those who made them. Many lawyers I know were resolving to have work/life balance for 2019 and finding it hard to keep. Read more

Public transit: bigger responsibility to keep the public safe

By John McLeish and Courtney Stewart . Public transit plays an essential role in our communities. Every day, public transit drivers navigate large vehicles throughout busy streets, carryings thousands of passengers to various destinations. Read more

Interpersonal difficulties with colleagues result in complaint, SCERP

By Lonny Rosen and Elyse Sunshine . Workplaces, including those in a health care environment, often include a variety of personalities that are not always complementary. Read more

How should I deal with my in-laws during divorce?

By Steven Benmor . Most people think that divorce is the end of a relationship between a husband and wife. But the reality is that divorce results in the termination, or change, of a whole host of relationships. Obviously, the relationship between you and your spouse will fundamentally change. So too, the relationships between you and your children will change. But in addition to these changes, your relationship with your in-laws and extended family will also change. Read more

Afraid of dying? Take your mushroom

By Ian Hull . Estate law is centred on asset planning for an end-of-life experience. So not surprisingly, we’ve seen just about every end-of-life situation you can imagine. I can tell you first-hand, many of these situations are painful, fearful, and depressing. Read more

What is implied consent?

By David Hollingsworth . Does no consent mean implied consent? What happens if someone uses your vehicle without your consent and causes an accident or injury? Is this implied consent? Read more

Court asked to determine if a divorce overseas is valid

By Lisa Gelman . Canada recognizes marriages and divorces performed in other parts of the world. However, determining whether a couple has been properly married, or in the case we are about to discuss, properly divorced, is not always an easy task. In a recent case before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, the court was tasked with determining whether a couple had gotten divorced according to tradition in Pakistan. Read more

Fraud against seniors – can it happen in your family?

By Suzana Popovic-Montag . By now, many of you have had a phone call from the “Canada Revenue Agency” informing you that you owe money, or that a lawsuit or collection process has begun. It’s a scam that’s obvious to most of us – and we hang up and don’t give it a second thought. Read more

Can income be imputed where a payor spouse is in jail?

By Lisa Gelman . An Ontario court recently explored whether interim child support should be ordered when the payor spouse was incarcerated on the basis of imputing income to the jailed spouse. Read more