Will cannabis criminal records be expunged after legalization?

By Joseph Neuberger . Before Oct. 16, 2018, an adult possessing 30 grams of cannabis is breaking the law. If convicted of possession, that person will have a criminal record. Read more

How does one get a divorce?

By Steven Benmor . To get married in Ontario, the spouses attend City Hall and purchase a marriage certificate. However, in order to be divorced, the same two spouses need to apply to the court and have a judge grant a court order for divorce. That is, getting married is an administrative task handled by a governmental department, whereas divorce is a judicial process requiring court forms and the signature of a judge. Read more

Finding suitable workplace accommodation is a two-way street

By Laura Williams . Employers in Ontario are increasingly receiving accommodation requests based on employees’ childcare obligations. Many employees have children and other relatives who require care or who have special needs that need to be attended to. Read more

Limitation periods: how long do I have to begin a lawsuit?

By Anton Katz . So you think you have a claim against another person or business for harm caused by their wrongdoing. What you may not know is that you have a limited amount of time in which to commence your claim. If you fail to commence your claim within this limited time, you could permanently lose your right to be compensated by the wrongdoer. The amount of time you have in which to commence your claim is called the “limitation period.” Read more

When employers can require an IME as part of the duty to accommodate

By Amelia Phillips . In this case , the applicant was superintendent of schools at a school board. He had worked at the board (and its predecessor) since 1975. In 2010, the board appointed another individual as its director of education, a position that the applicant hoped to be considered for, but was not. This eventually triggered the applicant’s depression, which led to a two-year paid sick leave from work followed by his eventual resignation in 2013. Read more

Are you ready to be a 21st century retiree?

By Ian Hull . We’re almost 19 years into the new century, so it seems a little late to be talking about the “new” 21 st century version of retirement. Or does it? Read more

How safe are trampoline parks in Canada?

By Jasmine Daya . As temperatures fall and Ontarians begin to look for indoor activities, many are heading to indoor trampoline parks. There are over 1,000 trampoline parks worldwide. While these facilities promote fun and physical activity, injuries are occurring almost daily in trampoline parks across Canada, and the severity of these injuries are increasing as well. Read more

How can social media aid your life during a divorce?

By Angela Princewill . Not everything about social media is negative. During a divorce, you can use it as a tool to help build yourself to get through this time. Read our post about “ Social media and the impacts on your divorce ” to learn about managing your online activity. Read more

Why you shouldn't listen to your elders

By Ryan Handlarski . I don’t mean you shouldn’t listen to your elders ever, but when it comes to entrepreneurship, you should be very skeptical about the advice you get from elders, particularly from the Baby Boomer generation. If you are a lawyer that is considering going out on your own in criminal law, you should be very reluctant to follow the advice of a Baby Boomer, even one that is successful. Rejecting their advice is hard to do for reasons that I will explain. Read more

An employee is not entitled to retract an accepted resignation

By Laura Williams . For employees who resign from their positions and whose resignation is accepted, the decision is final. In this case , the Ontario Superior Court of Justice considered the case of an employee who resigned from her position when she learned that her employer planned to move its customer information to a new computer system. Read more

Always scroll down: Dewhirst

By Kate Dewhirst . The forward email function should be used very carefully. Here’s why … Read more

A benefit of working past 65: employee benefits must continue

By Doug MacLeod . A recent human rights decision may result in Ontario employers paying higher premiums for group employee benefit plans. Read more

Five tips on social media and the impact on your divorce

By Angela Princewill . We are in the day and age where social media is being widely recognized in the court as a form of evidence. Whether it is your Facebook profile, your LinkedIn profile, text messages, your pictures and sometimes, even your online dating profile chats! Read more

Stiffer penalties for careless drivers in Ontario

By Jasmine Daya . Careless driving is a serious problem on Ontario roadways. Unfortunately, not all motorists drive with caution. Some drive recklessly and this may lead to motor vehicle accidents, and possibly severe injuries for innocent victims. Read more

Underreported income: the court’s power to impute

By Andrew Feldstein . The parties were married for 20 years and shared four children. The father was an accountant and operated his own business. He held licenses to practice in Manitoba and Ontario, though he also did some work in the United States. The mother had not worked since the youngest child was born in 2012. Read more

Is insurance coverage becoming illusory?

By Michael Lesage . Broadly speaking, insurance is a form of risk management, used by people and organizations to distribute and allocate risk. Read more

Cannabis impaired driving – new laws present new challenges

By Jacob Stilman . Unless you have been residing in a cryogenic chamber for the past two years, you know that Oct. 17, 2018 is going to be a red-letter (green-letter?) day for cannabis consumers. Read more

Cannabis impaired driving – don’t take the risk

By Salvatore Shaw and Courtney Stewart. On Oct. 17, 2018, when The Cannabis Act becomes law, Canadians will be able to legally purchase cannabis. As cannabis becomes more accessible, Canadians should take time to consider the consequences of “drugged driving” – driving while under the influence of cannabis or other drugs. Read more

Abuse of elders becoming more common

By Charles Ticker . I recently came across two articles online from Australia that contain disturbing examples of how the abuse of elders has become more and more common. The first article suggests that the levels of elder abuse in certain parts of Australia have reached scandalous levels. According to the article, one of the root causes of the abuse is ageism in society. Specifically, there appear to be many people who suffer from inheritance impatience causing a lot of the elder abuse to take place within the family. Read more

Always review a current status certificate before buying a condo

By Lisa Laredo . Buying a condo is not the same as buying a house. With a condo, there are a few extra details you should check before signing the deal. A crucial one is the status certificate. Read more