Top five reasons HR professionals should use digital forensics

By Tyler Hatch . HR professionals get involved when employees are disciplined or dismissed for contravening workplace policies . Computers, smartphones, tablets and the internet are incredibly prevalent in the modern workplace and therefore the chances are high that discipline or dismissal will involve the use of technology or the internet in the workplace. Read more

Mutual release set aside due to fraudulent misrepresentation

By Barry B. Fisher . In this case , the Ontario Court of Appeal upheld the lower courts’ decision to set aside a settlement with its ex-employee to whom they had paid 36 months severance pay only to find out later that he had actually ripped them off for a million dollars. Read more

Directors sent to jail for failure to pay employee wages

By Doug MacLeod . If you are a director or a party to a unanimous shareholder agreement did you know that you are personally liable for unpaid wages and you could go to jail for up to one year for failing to pay them? Read more

Meng extradition political poppycock: Botting

By Dr. Gary Botting for AdvocateDaily.com The attempted extradition of Chinese corporate executive Meng Wanzhou by the United States is entirely political. Read more

Costly mistakes for startups

By Christopher Achkar . Startups are infant businesses and most have doomsday clocks – a deadline by which they must become profitable to survive. Success in the startup sphere depends on several elements, and adaptability to the many moving parts while adhering to legal standards greatly increases success rates. Read more

Living apart together relationships require planning and advice

By Michele Allinotte . A recent Globe and Mail article reviewed the lives of several couples who chose to live apart in long term relationships. Full disclosure, I was one of the individuals interviewed for this article. Read more

Happy 60th — now start saving

By Suzana Popovic-Montag . There are lots of positives to retirement and your senior years: fewer costs, more leisure time, and less daily stress to name a few. And these are all worth celebrating. But the negatives can be crushing: more body pains and disease, the deaths of close friends and family, and being that much closer to death yourself. Read more

Anonymity in family law litigation: sealing orders, publication bans

By Andrew Feldstein . The parties in this matter have one change. A final order was in place that provided the father access to the child on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, as well as every other weekend. Read more

Can an employer rely on the findings of a criminal trial?

By Laura Williams . When an employee is convicted of a criminal offence, employers can be left wondering what to do. Depending on the nature of the crime, an employer may feel that the worker’s continued employment is not tenable and may wish to end that relationship for that reason. Read more

Harassment at work? Employers, take heed!

By Bram Lecker and Simon Pelsmakher . In recent years, the media has cast a spotlight on the topic of harassment at work. As employment lawyers, we regularly bear witness to this despicable phenomenon through our clients. It portrays human relationships at their worst. Read more

Find out if you qualify for the new FBAR filing extension

By Alexey Manasuev . U.S. citizens and Green card holders living in Canada or otherwise outside the United States may have FBAR filing obligations. If the aggregate maximum value or the balance of your foreign financial accounts exceeds US$10,000 during the calendar year, you are generally required to file FinCEN Form 114: Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR). Read more

Not every breach of contract is cause for dismissal

By Stuart Rudner and Anique Dublin . A British Columbia court recently ruled that an employer did not have just cause to terminate an employee even though the employee was in breach of her employment contract. Read more

Are patients entitled to know the names of health care providers?

By Kate Dewhirst . In the last month, I have been asked three times a variation on the theme of this question: “Do we have to tell a patient the full names of our staff if the patient asks?” The answer is generally, yes. Read more

Is parental alienation a mental health issue?

By Lisa Gelman . The concept of parental alienation can, unfortunately, be common in the practice of family law; one that can affect decisions relating to support or even custody in some cases. Read more

Third-party insurer ordered to provide coverage in pedestrian accident

By Nainesh Kotak . Pedestrians and cyclists are eligible to claim the same accident benefits as anyone who was injured while travelling in a motor vehicle, as long as the accident involved a motor vehicle. And, if you become injured by a motor vehicle, while walking or cycling, you may claim ‘no fault’ accident benefits from your own vehicle insurance policy, an insurance policy where you are considered a dependent, or against the insurance policy for a vehicle involved in the accident. Read more

Mission impossible: telephoning the government

By Marcel Strigberger . The findings of the recently released auditor general’s report on the efficiency of the Canadian government are not rosy. Most disturbing is the finding that people can’t reach a live person at a government department on the phone. Read more

Tips for avoiding real estate fraud

By Dave Oswald . As housing prices climb in many markets across the country, real estate fraud can become a much more enticing prospect for scammers. While it’s one of the lesser-known kinds of fraud in Canada, its impact can be devastating. Read more

The expensive way we’re forced to litigate in Ontario

By Inga Andriessen . As I write this blog, I’m waiting to be called to trial in a courthouse that is not in Toronto, Ont. As with most courthouses, the courthouse runs “sittings” twice yearly when civil and family trials are heard. The sittings started May 13 and will run until May 31. The next sittings will be in October. Read more

Grow your firm with data-driven decisions

By Erica Birstler . Making data-driven decisions is a powerful tactic that can help any business, including law firms. Basing strategy and initiatives off of numbers and trends makes it much easier to identify challenges, opportunities for growth and keep a competitive edge. In order to see the big picture and make informed decisions, there are key metrics that will give you the critical information you need. Read more

Three billing challenges facing your firm today

By Erica Birstler . Billing is one of the least favourite activities associated with running a law firm, but it’s an absolute must if you want to get paid for the work you’ve done. A few common challenges make it harder than it needs to be. By using the right approach and efficient tools you can make billing easier and create a streamlined process that results in healthy cash flow Read more