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Third lawyer quits for woman accused of bomb threats, suspicious packages

SASKATOON — A woman who is facing more than 80 charges involving emailed bomb threats and the delivery of packages containing white power to schools and businesses around Saskatoon has lost a third lawyer.

Alexa Emerson, 31, was supposed to have a bail hearing Thursday but instead her lawyer, Lisa Watson, stepped down due to a conflict of interest.

Watson said she has represented one of the witnesses in the case in the past, adding the number of people involved in the case is resulting in the problem.

Emerson's first lawyer, Brian Pfefferle, withdrew from the case last month after his office received one of the suspicious packages.

Her next legal counsel, Morris Bodnar, stepped down shortly after taking over, saying he was worried the case may last longer than he initially anticipated.

No bombs were ever found.

Emerson, who's also known as Amanda Totchek, had been facing 75 charges as of last week but a Crown prosecutor told CTV the number is now 83.

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