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Saskatchewan RCMP say motorcyclist reached speeds of 260 km/h

WARMAN, Sask. — RCMP in Saskatchewan have charged a motorcyclist who they say reached a speed of 260 km/h as he tried to evade officers from several police services.

Mounties in Warman, just outside Saskatoon, say a highway patrol officer called in a complaint on Tuesday that a sport bike had passed going about 160 km/h.

The office had attempted a traffic stop, but the driver ignored the emergency lights.

Another officer from the Vanscoy Police Service also tried to stop the motorcycle a short time later, but the driver sped away.

The Saskatoon Police Service began tracking the speeder from the air and observed him pulling off the road onto a rural property, where he tried to hide the bike.

He was eventually arrested at an outbuilding where he was hiding.

Jonah Vanderlinden, who is 20 and from Swanson, Sask., is charged with dangerous driving and flight from a peace officer.

He is to appear in Saskatoon provincial court on May 8.

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