Police search for man found not criminally responsible in 2014 death

Toronto police are working with international law enforcement agencies to track down a man who was found not criminally responsible in the death of his roommate.

They say 47-year-old Zhebin Cong was reported missing on July 3 and has since left the country.

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health says Cong is one of their patients.

Records from the Ontario Review Board — which evaluates the status of anyone found not criminally responsible — show Cong had been detained at CAMH and in June 2018 was allowed to live in the community in approved, 24-hour-supervised accommodation.

Documents from the board show Cong killed his roommate with a meat cleaver in 2014 and was found non-criminally responsible for his actions.

Toronto Mayor John Tory called the entire situation troubling and said he had many questions about Cong's disappearance.

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