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Police arrest man and woman in 2018 house explosion and fire in Shelburne, Ont.

SHELBURNE, Ont. — Police say a man and a woman are facing a number of charges related to a 2018 house fire and explosion in Shelburne, Ont.

Local police say the fire began on the afternoon of Dec. 3, blowing out windows and damaging two nearby homes.

Police say the blaze was caused by people inside trying to turn marijuana into hash oil, adding they found more than 28 kilograms of cannabis during the investigation.

They say the explosion left three people with minor injuries and caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.

The man and woman from Orangeville, Ont., ages 42 and 43 respectively, are facing a total of seven charges including one count each of arson by negligence.

They are scheduled to appear in court to face the charges next month.

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