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Former Manitoba premier apologizes after women allege ex minister tickled them

WINNIPEG — Former Manitoba premier Greg Selinger is apologizing after numerous women have come forward alleging one of his former cabinet ministers sexually harassed them.

Government workers say Stan Struthers, an NDP cabinet minister from 2003 to 2014, tickled them, groped them or made sexual remarks.

The women have said Struthers touched them in front of others, but Selinger says he never witnessed inappropriate behaviour.

Selinger says two women came forward to his chief of staff in 2015, but didn't want to take the complaints further.

He says his chief of staff made it clear to Struthers that the sexual harassment had to stop and a legislature committee started working on improving safe workplace policies.

Selinger says the recent allegations that have come to light made him sick to his stomach and he wishes more had been done under his watch.

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