Edmonton police lay 'paper terrorism' charge against self proclaimed Freeman

EDMONTON – Police in Edmonton have charged a self-proclaimed Freeman on the Land with what they are calling a paper terrorism campaign against a peace officer.

They say it's the first time such a charge has been laid against someone claiming to be a member of the sovereign citizen movement.

Police say a community peace officer ticketed a driver for speeding in Beaver County, about 100 kilometres east of Edmonton, in May 2015.

The man is alleged to have started a campaign of ``paper terrorism'' that held the officer liable for $225,000 for detaining the man and issuing the ticket.

Allen Boisjoli, who is 45 and from Vegreville, Alta., was charged after a multi-jurisdictional investigation concluded in August.

Freemen claim to be in opposition to government and the rule of law, and they support their own interpretation of common law.

Boisjoli's next court appearance is set for Nov. 7.

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