Personal Injury

Gosai tailors approach to clients’ specific requirements

By Staff

Brampton personal injury lawyer Nital Gosai lives her childhood dream every day she goes to work.

“I always wanted to be either a lawyer or some kind of performer,” says Gosai, founder of Gosai Law. “And I think I’ve accomplished both.”

The signs were certainly there from the beginning.

“I was apparently a very sharp negotiator when I was five years old, and my mom has been telling me I would make a great lawyer ever since,” she tells

But it wasn’t always an easy road for Gosai, who had to beat the odds to establish herself in the competitive world of personal injury law in Ontario.

Without a history of lawyers in her immediate or distant family, she forged her own path to earning a place at Osgoode Hall Law School.

“I was a bit out of my comfort zone at law school, and I wasn’t sure I had what it took to be a litigator,” Gosai says.

But when she secured her very first position in a law firm during her articling term, Gosai found she was a natural.

“I was great on my feet, and I’ve never looked back,” she says.

Still, it wasn’t for another couple of years that she really felt she had made it, after striking out on her own to establish Gosai Law.

“I was able to set up my own shop and set my own standards,” Gosai says.

Almost a decade on, the vast majority of matters handled by the lawyers and staff at Gosai Law involve personal injury of some sort, including motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, municipal negligence, and product liability, among others.

“I’m uncomfortable with a top-down approach, so we conduct our office very much like a team,” Gosai says.

The firm also serves clients with issues touching on employment law, Charter litigation, and prison reform, as well as a number of criminal law cases.

Whatever the problem, Gosai tailors her service depending on the individual needs of each client.

“They all need guidance, the main difference between clients being how it is given,” she says. “It depends on the personal preferences and cultural norms influencing the individual, and I would say I’ve mastered the art of understanding what different clients need.”

In court, she prides herself on being informed.

“You have to prepare not only all the arguments that you will make but also anticipate what opposing counsel will be coming back at you with,” Gosai says. “The rule in our office is that over-prepared is prepared.”

Outside work, she divides her free time between her children and mentoring young women of colour.

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