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Neesons makes court reporter switch seamless

By Staff

Switching to Neesons Court Reporting after starting with another firm is easier than litigants might think, says company founder and president Kim Neeson.

Neeson tells that regular clients of the firm are sometimes unsure about retaining Neesons in situations where the opposing party has already begun examinations using a different court reporting outfit.

“There is this feeling that just because things have started somewhere else, you can’t change over, but that’s a myth I would like to dispel,” she says. “There’s no reason to sacrifice the quality and comfort you get from a place you know will meet your needs simply because someone else picked a firm that you wouldn’t have gone with.”

In some cases, Neeson says litigants may have legitimate concerns about how quickly a new court reporting firm can get themselves up to speed with the parties and the issues at play in a particular case.

“Of course they don’t want to be asked the same questions about spelling of names and terminology over again,” she says.

But that’s not an issue with Neesons, she adds.

“We have ways of maintaining continuity,” Neeson says, explaining that her court reporters go through previous transcripts in the matter, identifying topics of litigation and creating word lists that will allow for a seamless transition.

In fact, she says the willingness of her staff to go above and beyond the call of duty is one of the reasons clients continue to choose Neesons.

Most of the firm’s reporters have received Ontario accreditation as Chartered Shorthand Reporters, as well as National Court Reporting Association and National Verbatim Court Reporting certifications. But those basic skills are nurtured and developed at Neesons through mentorships with senior staff as well as ongoing training and guidance in the realms of literacy and comprehension.

In addition, Neeson says lawyers appreciate the firm’s commitment to innovation and technology, resulting in an ability to provide transcripts formats that work with litigation software such as Summation or Relativity.

“We can also provide realtime or rough draft transcripts on a quick turnaround,” she says.

“There are many reasons clients want to work with us. It’s one thing for your opponent to choose another reporter because they don’t care about those same things, but it doesn’t mean you should be stuck with their choice,” Neeson says.

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