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Michael's Law Firm joins Nextlaw Global Referral Network

Toronto litigator Michael Lesage, principal of Michael’s Law Firm, is now a member of Nextlaw Global Referral Network — the largest legal referral network in the world — comprising 283 member firms located in more than 160 countries.

Nextlaw employs a detailed screening system to guarantee the quality of its member firms and has developed proprietary technology to allow members to identify lawyers at other member firms with the appropriate experience where clients need legal counsel.

“My firm was honored to be chosen for inclusion in the Nextlaw Global Referral Network. With membership, I can continue to serve my clients across the GTA and now have the ability to refer them to top-tier legal counsel in other jurisdictions when the need arises," Lesage tells AdvocateDaily.com. “With this partnership, I can continue to concentrate on my clients knowing I can turn to other network members when the need arises."

Michael's Law Firm specializes in litigation concerning complex business cases, professional negligence (malpractice) claims, insurance coverage disputes and personal injury.

Jeff Modisett, CEO of Nextlaw Global Referral Network, says the partnership with Lesage’s firm will only make the network “stronger and better able to meet the needs of our other members’ clients.”


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