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Duensing Law shortlisted for Top Boutiques list

Toronto wills and estates law firm Duensing Law, headed up by lawyer Matthias Duensing, has been shortlisted for inclusion in Canadian Lawyer’s Top Boutiques survey.

The legal magazine is looking for input on the best tax, trusts, wills and estates and insurance defence boutique firms, based on quality of service, client base, mandates and legal expertise.

Duensing tells he’s proud to be shortlisted as a top boutique, and that it’s a testament to work the firm has done with a broad range of clients.

“The best compliment we get comes after a client completes their estate plans and they refer family members and friends to us,” he says.

Duensing started the boutique firm because he saw a need for better communication between estate lawyers and their clients who are often dealing with sensitive and emotionally charged issues.

“We have worked hard to create a firm that is client-centred in every respect,” he says. “While end-of-life planning is important for everyone, the conversations around it are often difficult. We work with clients to understand their goals and give them strategic advice to help them realize that vision.”

Offering service in English and German, Duensing says the firm is always looking for opportunities to innovate and improve service to clients.

“We are working on a relaunch of our website, which will include a portal to allow clients to complete will questionnaires online,” he says.

The Canadian Lawyer editorial team will make the final selections after drawing on the experience of in-house counsel and large-firm lawyers who refer work to these boutiques.

The public is invited to vote on the top wills and estates boutiques until Oct. 31. To vote, click here.

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