Matthew Jeffery's practice covers full range of immigration matters

Toronto immigration lawyer Matthew Jeffery knew from his second year at law school that he wanted to help people with citizenship and refugee matters.

“I was really attracted to immigration law because you're helping people make better lives for themselves by assisting them to relocate from other places to Canada or advising them on their immigration problems,” says Jeffery, a sole practitioner.

“You’re not litigating against people but rather you’re actually helping them improve their lives,” he tells “In many cases, they are bringing skills and experience to Canada that are a benefit to the country.”

He says in his third year at Osgoode Hall Law School, he spent an entire term studying an advanced program in immigration and refugee law under well-known professors James C. Hathaway and the Hon. John Evans, a former Federal Court of Appeal judge.

“That was an excellent way to learn the policies underneath Canada’s immigration programs, which gave me a better understanding of the cases I now deal with on a day-to-day basis,” he says. “My education really laid the foundation for the technical work that I do.”

Almost 20 years after graduating with his Juris Doctor, Jeffrey is still laser focused on Canadian immigration law, including family and spousal sponsorships, Skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class and Express Entry applications, Permanent Resident card renewals, citizenship applications, humanitarian applications, work and study permits, visitor visas, as well as the full range of immigration litigation services.

He also spent three years working in Beijing, where he assisted people applying for permanent residence as skilled workers and under the business categories.

“During my time spent in China, I also assisted students to obtain permits to study in Canada,” says Jeffery, an LSUC Certified Specialist in Immigration Law. “When I returned to Canada, I spent several years focusing on refugee claims.

“After a while, my practice evolved into the full range of immigration matters,” he adds.

He says much of his time is spent on applications under the Express Entry program, permanent resident, permit renewals, spousal and family sponsorships, work permits and citizenship matters.

“I also have considerable experience in immigration litigation matters including appeals to the Federal Court and to the Immigration and Refugee Board,” he says. “I can safely call myself highly experienced in all immigration and refugee matters.”

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