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Questions answered on Lexop’s document delivery platform

Lexop offers an easier, more affordable way to deliver legally sensitive documents, but because the concept is new, its founders Jean-Olivier Bouchard and Amir Tajkarimi frequently find themselves fielding the same questions.

The service provides an alternative to process serving for documents required by the court as well as others that require proof of delivery, Bouchard tells He describes it as an innovative online platform that allows law firms and landlords to prove document delivery through email while ensuring compliance with regulations.

Following are the top six questions most often asked about Lexop.

Is it compliant?
“Yes. Lexop is a great electronic alternative when serving both court documents as well as non-court documents,” says Bouchard.

There are no particular regulatory requirements when serving documents not required for the court. So any service that provides reliable proof of delivery can be used in situations involving property managers sending notices to tenants, he explains.

It is designed to replace fax, registered mail or process serving, Bouchard says.

“Lexop uses the simplicity of email, but we add many layers of evidence that can be used as undeniable proof of transmission and delivery,” he says.

Bouchard says Lexop provides proof in real time of when the email is sent successfully, when the person opens it and when the document is downloaded.

In North America, court documents still need to be served according to the rules of civil procedure for each jurisdiction and most allow for email service between lawyers if there’s proof of service, he says.

Is this for me?
“The solution is tailored to an individual client’s needs. We’ve built software that adapts,” Bouchard says.

The idea of the platform is to offer a service that can be used by the sole practitioner as well as small-to-medium and international law firms, he says.

Is it expensive?
“Not at all. Actually, it’s way cheaper than the traditional method of delivery,” Bouchard says. “And lawyers can re-bill the fee to their clients.”

Is it secure?
This is a critical question for lawyers, and “all Lexop transmissions go through a secure https model, so the data is encrypted all the way through,” Bouchard says.

The additional benefit is that the servers used by the company are located in Canada, which means the data remains on Canadian soil and subject to Canadian laws, an important consideration for lawyers, he says.

What are the benefits?
Bouchard points out that law firms can easily switch from traditional to electronic transmission because it uses email, one of the most common tools for law firms.

“Having all the tools that are required to share and receive files securely and efficiently under the same platform makes a huge difference in their day-to-day activity,” he says. “According to our research and the case studies we’ve done with our clients, we can say that our customers are seeing a direct impact on the amount of time they or their staff spend, and as a result, they often see an increase in billable hours.”

For larger law firms, it’s a way for them to optimize their processes to ensure everything is streamlined, allowing for more growth, he adds.

Is it hard to get started?
While Bouchard says some firms can be reticent to use new technology, Lexop is easy to use and doesn’t involve a significant learning curve. Because it is email-based, it’s an extension of a tool used regularly by everyone in a law firm, he says.

Bouchard also credits Clio, the extremely popular legal practice management service, with opening the doors to new technological, cloud-based services such as Lexop.

Users can test drive the service for free by registering on the website. They can also ask for a demonstration. Real-time chat support is offered through a widget on the site and Bouchard says an online demo will take the user through the whole platform.

“You just need an internet connection,” he says.

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