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Lexop - Amir Tajkarimi
Lexop - Jean-Olivier Bouchard

During his days as a junior banking and information technology lawyer, few things were worse than a short-notice request for service of documents, says Lexop CEO and co-founder Amir Tajkarimi.

“It would get to 4.15 p.m., and you would have to serve them by 4.30,” he tells

After calling a process server, printing out the documents and handing them over, Tajkarimi would cross his fingers and simply wait for the courier to return with proof of service to find out if the package made it to its destination on time.

“In those 15 minutes, you’d feel like you aged 15 years,” he says.

There must be a better way, Tajkarimi thought.

And now, there is.

Tajkarimi left the practice of law after co-founding Lexop, a legal and verifiable email communication platform  that allows law firms to serve documents by email, tracking and instantly proving service electronically.   

His own legal background, which included five years at some of Quebec’s largest law firms, followed by a stint in-house at one of Canada’s major banks, helped ease Tajkarimi's transition to startup founder.

“We target the legal industry, so it’s not too far from my first career, but every day I’m still learning,” he says.

The legal world was new to his co-founder Jean-Olivier Bouchard, but the online marketing specialist prides himself on knowing a good idea when he sees one.

“I thought this was brilliant,” Bouchard says, adding he’s hearing similar sentiments from Lexop’s growing band of customers.

“In fact, there is not a lot of convincing to do — once they see the product in action, the benefits to their practice become obvious,” he says.

“We are their heroes because it’s 90 per cent cheaper and 100 times faster than the traditional method,” adds Tajkarimi.

Since its official launch in 2016, lawyers and other users in jurisdictions all over North America have served more than 12 million pages of documents on about 30,000 individuals.

“That’s also about 2,000 trees we’ve saved,” Tajkarimi says.

The firm has picked up a number of awards during its short life, including a nomination as "Most Promising Startup" by the National Angel Capital Organization.

Tajkarimi says the Lexop service is also appealing to those in the real estate industry, noting that it recently signed an agreement to create accounts for all 13,000 of Quebec’s realtors.

“If you’re a property manager with 500 tenants, you previously had to send notices by hand or regular mail to each unit,” Tajkarimi says. “But when you can send everything with the click of a button, you’re done in seconds.”

Property management companies account for a significant chunk of the company’s business, with about 100,000 tenants served using the platform.

Although based in Quebec, Bouchard says Lexop is used widely in Ontario and California, among other jurisdictions in the U.S. and Canada.

“And we’re focused on expansion,” he adds.

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