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  • Gone is dependence on other expensive wire services to release your firm’s important news to the media
  • Get guaranteed coverage and lower reliance on news outlets that have limited space and are hidden behind subscriber paywalls
  • Boost referrals from others in the profession
  • Join a community in which your posts appear alongside our news releases featuring legal sources
  • Give a neat new twist to your newsletters by adding our links
  • Enhance your profile by being featured on our active and legal-targeted social media

At AdvocateDaily.com – as journalists – we don’t believe news should be pricey. We don’t think it should be seen by just a few. Or not seen at all. But, we do believe that content can be put to work for you, in the same way appearing in a mainstream media outlet can convert into new clients.

AdvocatePlus is the cost-effective solution for law firms (and their marketing managers), legal suppliers and associations to take their news public online.

As part of our newswire system, AdvocatePlus is the ultimate networking opportunity. Placement on AdvocateDaily.com allows your firm or association to target both the legal community at large for referrals and those consumers researching lawyers to hire via our unique links program.

For a low annual fee, post unlimited firm media releases, articles, blogs, newsletters, career announcements, job listings, awards, other firm news: we take all of this beyond your firm’s website … and back again. And unlike the media, we guarantee your news is public.


* Referrals: We help you generate your firm’s profile and gain professional referrals by extending your reach across the Canadian legal community.

We share all AdvocatePlus posts with our extensive social media network to extend your reach, particularly within the legal professional groups.

* Impress: We close the loop in that, unlike the media, we guarantee that your content goes live. 

* No Archiving: Unlike the media, we never archive AdvocatePlus posts which stay live online on the firm’s microsite.

* Wire Tool: Anything you would send to a wire service can be posted to AdvocatePlus. Our readership and social media contacts include journalists who frequently pick up on our posts for both ideas and legal sources. There are no worries about costs for multiple releases, and even if you do also put it on the mainstream wires, if the media does not pick it up, we do. Guaranteed coverage.


Please ask us for Extra Benefits that we provide as part of AdvocatePlus.


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