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Korbitec adds family law documents to its service

By Staff

Korbitec Inc. has added a suite of family law solutions to its repertoire as it continues its quest to become the one-stop-shop for litigators with document automation needs, company president Alan Bass tells

“Our goal is to offer more and more to the litigation professional,” Bass says. “There are many small law firms and sole practitioners out there who practise in a wide range of areas, including estates, family, civil litigation, and small claims. We want to create a place where they can come for all the documents they need, whatever the type of litigation.”

The company, with headquarters in Toronto, made its name with its marquee software product, Automated Civil Litigation (ACL). According to Bass, ACL maximizes law firm productivity by cutting the time it takes to create litigation documents including statements of claim, affidavits and correspondence to just minutes.

Lawyers and their administrative staff can also save time thanks to the software’s ability to take care of tricky formatting, and errors in spelling, grammar, pronouns and tense.

Bass says the firm branched out into family law documents as a result of demand from existing clients who were unable to find a satisfactory alternative in the market.

“Family law wasn’t really on our radar, but over the years, we’ve had many people come to us asking us to add it,” he explains. “Document automation is what we do well, and they believed we could do a better job than others have done in assembling family law court forms.”

Korbitec’s built-in library contains more than 2,000 forms and letters, including applications for divorce or spousal support, as well as an agreement builder for common family law contracts such as separation or cohabitation agreements.

Bass says the comprehensive collection is also regularly updated to ensure forms match up to current rules of civil procedure in various jurisdictions. The family law product launched in Alberta in 2016, with Ontario documents added in 2017.

Clients have been particularly impressed by the integration with the popular Childview Support Calculator, which many family lawyers use to determine obligations for child and spousal support, he adds.

“Our family financial workspace mimics the look of the form, so it’s very easy to input and access information. You can also change the allocations of assets and liabilities between the parties, to quickly get a sense of what difference that will make,” Bass says.

“If you tried to do the same thing in Microsoft Word, it becomes unstable and could crash. Our product is much more robust,” he says.

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