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Stanchieri Family Law's culture rooted in client service

Toronto's Stanchieri Family Law is marking its 10th year of success by recruiting a number of new team members who share the firm's strong core values, says founding partner Julie Stanchieri.

And, she tells those who wish to take their careers to the next level should fit the firm's culture, which from the beginning has been based on four main principles that she credits for its longevity.

“First and foremost, we put our clients first,” she says. “Keeping clients satisfied with our services is the reason why we’re in business. We approach every client with gratitude because our success  — and existence — depends on them.”

The next reason for the firm’s high client success rate is due in part to another of its core values — a focus on fit, says Stanchieri.

“It’s crucial to find the right fit early in the process,” she adds, noting there is a mandatory legal consultation for new clients to help determine if personality and expectations are compatible.

While clients are at the centre of the process, the firm wouldn’t be able to provide solid legal advice and representation without a passionate team of lawyers, law clerks and staff, she says.

“We’re looking to continue building on our success and reputation by adding people who share similar goals and values and want to take their family law careers to the next level,” Stanchieri says.

Currently, the firm is recruiting two lawyers, a law clerk and a legal assistant. The qualifications and level of experience for each role are varied, but exceptional candidates will be driven and have the emotional intelligence needed to assist family law clients.

“It does take a certain type of person to succeed in this environment,” Stanchieri says. “Family law can be demanding and emotionally draining. You’re dealing with clients who are at a vulnerable point in their lives.”

Successful candidates will enjoy complex files and high-quality work, but she says the firm is resolute in ensuring employees are happy outside of the office as well.

“The work can be challenging so we do try to strike a balance. High-performing employees don't need to sacrifice their personal lives to advance their careers,” Stanchieri says.

Rather than just paying lip service, the firm has a flex program in place, which gives employees more control and independence over their schedules. The three components of the program include flexible hours, work-from-home days and paid flex days.

"People who take their careers seriously do need breaks and time to recharge,” Stanchieri says. “Balance is key."

Successful candidates will also enjoy the firm’s culture of openness, she says. “There’s no hierarchy or egos and information flows as a result of that. When the information flows, you come up with better ideas and more creative solutions.”

That concept, Stanchieri says, lends itself to the firm’s fourth core value, which is “work smarter.”

"We do things differently. We apply modern business rules and best practices, which are baked into the culture. It’s in the way we manage people, use technology and structure processes and policies.

“It's all there to make sure our clients are satisfied with our services.”

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