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Litigating skills more crucial to success than advanced degree

Although some lawyers are choosing to pursue advanced degrees in order to gain an advantage over the competition, Toronto family lawyer and civil litigator Jenny Bogod tells Lawyers Weekly that clients have never asked about her level of education or where she studied.

Bogod, an associate with Basman Smith LLP, joined the firm in Toronto about a year ago, after completing her JD at the University of Ottawa.

“Clients want to know that you can do the best job for them, and they rely on your initial consultation and eventually your file management and handling throughout their matter, to judge that,” she explains.

“I can only speak as a litigation lawyer, but I find the skills you bring to the table are what’s important — litigating skills, writing skills. Higher education isn’t crucial to your success,” Bogod tells Lawyers Weekly.

While Bogod says she has considered taking another degree, she adds, “I have a vast and diverse practice area in civil and family law, so I don’t know how I would narrow down an area of study.”

Bogod says she may consider further legal education or other training down the line, but for now, she tells, she will continue to focus on honing her advocacy skills while providing Basman Smith’s clients with the best and most efficient legal services possible.

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