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Provincial police lay nearly 700 charges against truckers during 24-hour blitz


ORILLIA, Ont. — Provincial police say they laid nearly 700 charges against transport truck drivers during a day-long blitz on Ontario's roads last week.

Police partnered with the Ministry of Transportation and stopped a total of 1,692 trucks over the 24-hour period on June 13 and 14.

They say that of the 697 charges they laid, 226 were for speeding and 176 were for defective equipment.

In an interview with AdvocateDaily, Toronto personal injury lawyer Jasmine Daya says she’s not surprised by the number of charges laid during the crackdown, adding it’s the unfortunate reality associated with trucking in the province.

She says speeding can be deterred with increased police presence on our roads and highways.

“There are already stiff fines and demerit points associated with speeding, but consistent enforcement by police is necessary,” Daya says. “This type of blitz should become the norm, not be a rare occurrence.”

Daya, managing principal with Jasmine Daya & Co., says sometimes repairs to defective equipment are overlooked because of the associated cost.

“Police inspection of faulty equipment and enforcement of penalties could help to deter faulty equipment from being found on our roads and ensure increased safety,” she says. “The penalties are already high, but if there is no enforcement, it’s meaningless.”

Officers also laid 28 charges for distracted driving.

Other charges included failing to wear a seatbelt, making an unsafe lane change and carrying an insecure load.

Police say they took 63 trucks out of service as a result of the blitz.

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