Think carefully before posting to firm’s social media accounts

Twitter and other social media accounts can be useful marketing and engagement tools for lawyers — but it is important to remain mindful that everything you are posting is a ...

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Employment & Labour

Losing licence for cleaning wife’s teeth ‘highly problematic’

The case of a dental hygienist who was in a technical breach of “sexual abuse” provisions and lost his licence after treating his wife highlights the absurdity of a ... Read more

Estates & Wills & Trusts

Creating a will crucial for parents of child with disability

Many people avoid making a will not solely due to procrastination but from a morbid aversion that, in doing so, there’s a sense they’re one step closer to acknowledging ... Read more


Bad behaviour carries costs risk in family litigation

Bad behaviour in court proceedings can come back to bite litigants, says Toronto family lawyer Usman Sadiq, who has had to battle on behalf of his clients against the poor conduct ... Read more

Legal Supplier

When lawyers should get a financial adviser

Any time is a good time to get a financial adviser, says Dawn Marchand, vice-president of marketing and direct distribution for CBIA/Lawyers Financial. Read more

Civil Litigation

Home insurance a wise investment in the face of a lawsuit

Homeowners without insurance are taking a risk as there is always a chance someone will get hurt on their property, says Barrie civil litigator Scott Hawryliw, who often represents ... Read more

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Class Action

Class-action filed on behalf of former day school students

Alberta Indigenous rights litigator Leighton Grey has filed an application to certify a class-action lawsuit on behalf of Indigenous day students who claim to have suffered ... Read more

Criminal Law

Adding prosecutor puts teeth in Alberta farm protest proposal

Proposed legislation to address protesters who trespass on Alberta farms and agricultural land sends a strong message that if you break the law, you’ll pay the price, says ... Read more

Real Estate

Have mechanism to remove disruptive condo board members

Having a code of ethics in place for a condominium’s board of directors assists in holding members accountable if they become disruptive, problematic or violent, says Toronto ... Read more

Legal Supplier

Knowing risks, red flags can reduce occupational fraud

Being aware of the common risks and red flags can help reduce your company’s exposure to occupational fraud, says forensic accountant and chartered business valuator Patricia ... Read more


Cannabis legalization having little impact in family law

The legalization of cannabis for recreational use has made little difference to family law proceedings, says Markham family law lawyer Andrew Feldstein. Read more

Estates & Wills & Trusts

Keep tabs on shifts in tax law for estate planning: Aulis

When it comes to estate planning, the idea is to make sure as much of your wealth stays with your beneficiaries instead of the tax collector, so it’s vital to stay on top of ... Read more

Legal Supplier

DivorceMate’s cloud platform expands to Alberta

DivorceMate Software Inc.’s integrated software can give Alberta family lawyers a significant efficiency boost, says the company’s president Michael Perlman. Read more

Criminal Law

Police use of genealogy sites without warrants ‘frightening’

The fact that police have access to the genetic building blocks of tens of millions of people in North America through non-criminal DNA databases is “frightening” and ... Read more

Estates & Wills & Trusts

Families face hardships when loved one dies without a will

TORONTO — Dying without a will is a selfish decision that can add financial hardship to families suffering with grief, legal experts say. Read more

Intellectual Property

Use of memes can give rise to numerous IP issues: Simpson

Toronto intellectual property lawyer John Simpson says there’s never a simple answer to whether it’s legally OK to use a meme. Read more


Promptly seek legal advice on making occupation rent claim

When a marriage breaks down and one spouse leaves the family home, that person should seek legal advice on whether they are entitled to a claim for occupation rent, says Toronto ... Read more

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