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Huberman: TPP agreement much needed

Details of the massive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement text have been publicly released and, within it, the federal government sets out “laudable and praiseworthy objectives,” Toronto business lawyer, litigator and arbitrator Marvin J. Huberman tells Legal Feeds.

According to the Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development Canada’s website, the TPP agreement is the largest and “most ambitious trade initiative in history” that will increase Canada’s foothold in the Asia-Pacific region, the blog of Canadian Lawyer and Law Times reports.

While some have criticized the agreement, Huberman says he thinks it will improve trading relationships, reduce technical barriers to trade, revamp intellectual property laws, and bolster trade and environmental policies with unified enforcement.

“I think all of this is wonderful and much needed,” he says in the Legal Feeds article.

While opponents say the TPP agreement will radically affect everything from copyright laws to Internet privacy, and even grocery bills, Huberman disagrees.

“I’m not so sure that is the case. What I think is really happening is that this particular international agreement is challenging how our government is going to handle these issues,” he says.

Huberman also downplays the prospect the TPP agreement infringes the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and says in the article that the courts would protect people’s rights if it did.

“But even if that possibility, or some would argue that probability, will occur, that’s why we have the judicial branch [of the federal government],” he says. “Then we achieve the balance people want.”

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