How to do's membership program

Steps to post links to your website:

  1. Create a section on your website dedicated to placing the links back to your posts on to be found easily by anyone researching you. This section can include your other media coverage and/or your blogs posts as well. We recommend using language like In the News or Recent Media to grab attention. If you must put your links back to on a page entitled Blog, please clearly label that the particular post is News, not just another blog entry, to increase interest in reading it and to ensure it’s clear that you have the endorsement of a third party media outlet.
  2. Decide where to put the dedicated section:
    • If you are practising in a firm, the links should appear on your bio page. If they only appear on a shared firm news feed on the home page or a news page, your posts will get jumbled in with everyone else’s news. It’s fine for them to be there, too, but it’s key for them to appear on your bio page.
    • If you are a sole practitioner, the links should appear on your home page where people will land first.
  3. When each new post is live, you will receive an email with a copy of the link that goes directly back to it on There are two ways of posting the links:
    • If you are following the preferred 'first paragraph format,' copy the headline and ONLY the first paragraph of the post and place it on your site. Then insert ellipses (…) and Read More which you hyperlink with the link we sent. Example or Example
    • If you are following the less beneficial 'headline only format,' copy the headline and hyperlink the entire headline with the link we sent. Example or Example
  4. You do not always have to attribute the links to AdvocateDaily by name. For example, if you are featured in a story with another media outlet and want to highlight that, then it is fine to say the name of the media outlet you are quoted in and then link to our story. You can even post the logo of the originating media outlet. But it's important to put our links on your site instead of those media links directly, as they can be archived which results in dead links, or be hidden behind subscriber paywalls that frustrate readers. You’ll not know this is happening, and dead or restricted links both signal that your website isn’t functioning properly. With our links, it is all on the record.
  5. You are welcome to say you are a contributor to Example
  6. Blogs: There are two types of blogs; those that originate on your site and those written for
    • When we publish a blog that originates on your site, we send you the link only for social media distribution. As it is already on your site there is no need to post our link.
    • For those blogs that originate on our site, i.e. are written as an contributor, please use either the 'first paragraph format' or 'headline only format' just like any regular story.
  7. If you would prefer to have assistance with this, we can connect members to a trusted outside social media consultant who can assist with posting your links back to at a very reasonable rate.