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Will Davidson LLP to host Diversified Litigation Series Seminar

Some of the hottest topics in litigation will be discussed at an upcoming seminar hosted by Will Davidson LLP, says Toronto personal injury lawyer Gary Will.

The Diversified Litigation Series Seminar is free and will be held on Sept. 22 from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 20 Toronto St. in Toronto.

“This seminar is really interesting because it gets lawyers thinking about topics outside the normal practice areas,” says Will, a managing partner with Will Davidson LLP.

Plus, he tells, “We’re really fortunate to have three highly experienced judges sitting on our panel discussion, entitled ‘Ethical and Practical Issues Facing Litigators in 2017: the View from the Bench.’”

Justices Todd Archibald, Giovanna Toscano Rocammo and Stephen E. Firestone will cover six main themes during their discussion:

  • Researching the jury pool for bias;
  • The future of the civil jury trial;
  • Civility in legal practice;
  • Impact of mass advertising on the jury pool;
  • The changing landscape for litigation; and,
  • Balancing efficiency with completeness.

Will says it’s a great opportunity for litigators to hear the perspective from three judges who have heard “many hundreds of cases between them.”

He also says the topics are current and relevant to lawyers who are active in the courtroom. For example, “With trials getting longer and longer, there is a risk that you will bore the jury if you go on too long. So how do you balance that and still ensure that juries and judges have all of the relevant information?”

Eugene Meehan, of Supreme Advocacy LLP, will discuss recent Supreme Court of Canada cases that have changed the law, and "Claiming Damages for Charter Breaches.”

Will says claiming damages for Charter breaches is relatively new territory and something that’s on the rise.

There will also be a trial demonstration on examining and cross-examining a neuropsychologist. Will, who will be responsible for direct examination, says the session includes a highly experience neuropsychologist, Dr. Paul Comper, and is based on a real case. While the actual examination at the trial took five days, the demonstration will hit the high points in less than 40 minutes.

Other topics include cyber law, prosecuting a medical malpractice case, product liability and the ethical issues and legal implications of referral fees.

This Continued Legal Education seminar is eligible for up to 2.25 professionalism hours and 4.25 substantive hours.

For more information and to register online, click here or phone Michelle Bell at (416) 360-1194, Ext. 252.

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