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Effective case management needed to reduce court delays

Effective case management in Toronto, when it comes to civil litigation, could help reduce the long wait times for cases to move forward, Toronto critical injury lawyer John McLeish tells Law Times.

McLeish, a partner with McLeish Orlando LLP, tells Law Times he tries to start actions outside of Toronto because they will move through the court system faster.

It’s a shame because there are some very good judges in Toronto, he says in the article.

He goes on to say that civil litigation in Toronto is the poor second cousin to both criminal and family law and while a lack of judges and courtrooms are realities of Toronto courts, so is the lack of a workable case management system, he says in the article.

In courts in the county towns outside of Toronto, McLeish says he and his opposing counsel are able to take care of small matters that come up from time to time with a conference call with a judge instead of having to arrange a motion the formal way as must be done in Toronto, he says in the article.

While more resources in Toronto would be great, McLeish says in the article, “the right kind of case management would do wonders.”


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