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Early planning can help avoid cottage sharing rifts

When it comes to cottage succession planning, seeking help from an expert early is worth both the time and money, Toronto trusts and estates lawyer Suzana Popovic-Montag tells Cottage Life magazine.

In the article, a reader who plans to buy out a family member’s half of the cottage asks, “If we’ve agreed on the price, do we need to involve a lawyer?”

As the magazine notes, legally, it depends on your province. “The land transfer and title system varies throughout Canada, but in many places a non-lawyer can't even access the electronic registration system. Plus it's just a good idea.”

Popovic-Montag, managing partner of Hull & Hull LLP, adds that she has seen cottage sharing go pear-shaped, including shouting matches, courtroom battles and decade-long family rifts.

“We’ve made a whole career out of family squabbles,” she tells the magazine.

“Ultimately, you want to bulletproof everything as much as possible,” adds Popovic-Montag.

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