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Social aspect a significant upside of working onsite

By AdvocateDaily.com Staff

Although technology has given lawyers the ability to work from anywhere, many still value the personal aspect of coming into the office every day, Toronto employment lawyer Doug MacLeod tells The Lawyers Weekly.

As MacLeod, principal of MacLeod Law Firm, says in the article, the three lawyers at his firm all have the option to work from home, but they all choose to come into the office anyway.

“The ability to just drop in and talk to somebody matters,” he explains.

“For a young associate who is looking for some social aspect of the job, if they’re not married and don’t have kids, working from home can be kind of a lonely experience. The social part of it is pretty important for some people,” adds MacLeod.

At the same time, MacLeod explains that if one of his lawyers wanted to work from home on a not-infrequent basis, it wouldn’t be a problem.

“Our people like to come into the office and work out of a base with lots of energy and have other people around to talk to about the work,” he says.

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