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Reviewing a severance package: what to expect

By Doug MacLeod

You have just been terminated. You have been given a week or so to accept a severance package but you don’t know if it is fair. That is where we come in.

We tell you whether your termination package is fair

We only do employment law and we review hundreds of severance packages each year.

Before telling you whether we think your termination package is fair we will speak with you for about an hour to find out about the background to your termination so we can provide you with an informed opinion.

What happens when you meet with us?

We ask you a lot of questions.

If you have been terminated without just cause then we will want to know all of the information a judge would take into account when deciding how much termination pay you are owed. If you were terminated with cause we need to discuss the alleged misconduct to assess whether the employer would likely prove just cause.

If you have signed an employment contract with a termination clause we will want to discuss the circumstances surrounding the contract. Recently judges have refused to enforce some termination clauses so we carefully review the termination clause to assess whether it is legally enforceable.

You don’t know what you don’t know

You may have additional legal claims against your former employer that you did not even consider. We understand you are not an employment lawyer and you don’t know what information is important. We do.

For example, your former employer may owe you more money as of your last day of employment than you thought possible.

Or you may be owed more money because the employer discriminated against you. Did you know that there are 16 personal characteristics that an employer cannot take into account when terminating your employment? Like your age, your gender or the fact you have a disability or a perceived disability.

If an employer treats you poorly during your employment, at the time of your termination, or after your termination then you may be entitled to additional compensation.

We provide peace of mind

At the end of your consultation, we will tell you whether your severance package is fair and if not what we think would be fair. Some people find that going through this process gives them peace of mind and helps them move on with their lives.

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