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DivorceMate updates software following federal child support changes

DivorceMate Software Inc. has updated its software to reflect changes that Ottawa has made to the federal Child Support Tables, says company president Michael Perlman.

The amendments, which came into force Nov. 22, were brought in to reflect more recent tax rules, says the federal Department of Justice’s family law website.

DivorceMate worked on implementing the changes in advance of the amendments and made them available for the effective date, Perlman says.

“All current users will be prompted to update their desktop software,” he says.

For installation instructions, users are to: open DivorceMate and click “setup” -> “software Updates” and follow the instructions. 

“If you don’t run the update now, you will automatically be reminded to update within the next two weeks,” Perlman says.

No action is required for DM Cloud users as the software will update automatically, he adds.

DivorceMate users also have the ability to access the tables that were in effect until this month should they need to, Perlman says.

The federal government notes on its website that those people who need to determine how much child support is owed for a period between Dec. 31, 2011 and Nov. 21, 2017, they are to use the 2011 Tables.

It says the updated 2017 Federal Tables should be used to determine child support owed from Nov. 22, 2017 onward. 

Family law professionals rely on DivorceMate software to calculate child support amounts based on income and other factors.

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