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DivorceMate Software launches new Forms Cloud product

DivorceMate Software Inc. has released a beta version of its new DM Forms Cloud software for Ontario and British Columbia to allow users to create and access their family law court forms calculations remotely from any digital device, says the company’s president Michael Perlman.

“It will give you the ability to create all your day-to-day court forms, financial statements, net family property statements, as well as mediation friendly forms, quickly and efficiently,” he tells

“Users will be able to create and access forms and tools calculations anytime, from any location on any device.”

The new DM Forms Cloud software is the second product in DivorceMate’s DM Cloud product line after the launch of the DM Tools Cloud software in 2014. 

Perlman notes there are a number of significant improvements to the newly designed portal for the DM Forms Cloud software, including:

  1. updated and more intuitive user interface;
  2. advanced features for ADR cases, including the ability to change between court and ADR streams easily; 
  3. integrated note and "to do" system; 
  4. automatic calculation of Financial Forms;
  5. matter overview information at a glance; and
  6. comprehensive centralized database of all courts and family lawyers in Canada.

Perlman says that the last point, namely the creation of a centralized lawyer database with all of the pertinent contact information pre-populated for users is an important addition to the software.

“In other words, we will be providing and maintaining a central list of lawyers from which all users will choose,” he says.

The DM Cloud will also be where users go to access their software, as well as managing their DivorceMate account, including updating contact information, ordering software and more, Perlman notes. 

The purpose of the beta version of the Forms Cloud software is to subject the software to a real-world application by the intended audience before the official release, he says.

“The goal is to find any hidden issues or bugs that were not caught during the vigorous testing we did, as well as to get user input regarding ease of use and suggested improvements,” he says. “You may experience some minor issues, but you shouldn’t come across anything critical. Any issues that are detected are to be reported to us for fixing before we release the software commercially.”

Perlman says it will be available to all current DivorceMate pay-per-use/annual subscribers in Ontario and B.C. that hold a valid licence of its Forms One program. 

“The best part of the beta version is that there is no additional cost to use it,” he says. “You’ll be able to log in to your account and start creating matters. Note that there is no conversion between the desktop and DM Cloud version, so forms created in one platform will not be available in the other.”

Perlman says DM Precedents Cloud is the next phase of development.

“This will round out our development and bring our DM Cloud product line on par with our desktop software,” he says.

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