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MySupportCalculator tool gaining acceptance in courts

By Rob Lamberti, Contributor

Recent court cases are relying on MySupportCalculator (MSC) to determine spousal and child support calculations because it’s the most accurate tool available to the public, says Faith Feldman, general manager of

Feldman tells there is a growing acceptance of the tool by the courts when the public is using it to determine support payments.

“The reason being is when people go to court, they don’t always have lawyers,” she says. “They can’t afford lawyers or they’ve started with lawyers but have run out of money, and so the courts are saying is an accurate representation of what support numbers should look like.”

DivorceMate Software Inc., the leading Canadian family law software provider, launched MySupportCalculator Ltd. in 2011, offering simple child and spousal support calculations to consumers. MSC offers about 20 inputs to calculate support, compared to the professional tool offered by DivorceMate, which allows for about 200 variables.

“It’s a very simplified tool specifically for the public and not geared toward professionals,” Feldman says.

Nevertheless, MSC uses the same calculation engine as the professional DivorceMate tool and the courts understand that. Their trust in DivorceMate is spreading to the company’s sister product MSC, she says.

The calculations of monthly support determined by MSC were accepted in a recent B.C. case where “at the suggestion of the judge, the parties used to calculate an appropriate range for spousal support,” says Feldman.

In another case, Ontario Superior Court Justice Calum MacLeod said: “I invite the parties to run their own DivorceMate or MySupportCalculator printouts using the appropriate values and incomes …”

Feldman says the MSC website and calculator are meant for the general public who need help in determining support payments.

“It provides accurate results,” she says. “There have been a number of calculators that have appeared online across the country. Lawyers have created their own calculators along with others. We test them all rigorously and none of them are accurate in line with the professional tools.

“Ours is the only one that gives accurate results that are identical to DivorceMate software, the professional tool,” Feldman says. “When the same inputs are entered, you will get the same results where the other calculators are not able to do that.”

She says the courts have been showing a greater acceptance of MSC during the past few years because of its accuracy. “As word of mouth grows, I think the courts are able to see that it is accurate, in line with DivorceMate calculations when the same inputs are used.

“So it’s gained respect,” Feldman says.

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