Cohen to speak at assisted reproduction colloquium

Toronto fertility lawyer Sara Cohen will speak at the 8th annual colloquium on the legal and policy issues associated with assisted reproduction in Canada on Feb. 6 in Montreal.

The McGill Journal of Law and Health is hosting the academic conference, which will shed light on the state of the law today, as well as potential ethical implications of modern assisted reproduction technologies and policies from the perspective of doctors, lawyers and bioethicists.

Cohen, founder of Fertility Law Canada and an adjunct professor of law at Osgoode Hall Law School, will assess the Assisted Human Reproduction Act’s prohibition of commercial surrogacy and sale of reproductive material.

Other issues that will be explored at the conference include how law and health practitioners might react to unexpected situations in assisted reproduction cases, such as those where surrogates or intended parents change their minds or where there is suspicion of the unlawful exchange of financial compensation between the parties.

The seminar, held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (EST), is accredited by a recognized provider for three hours of continuing legal education. It will be held at the New Chancellor Day Hall Room 100 (Moot Court) at the McGill Faculty of Law. 3644 Peel St., Montreal.

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