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Justice’s technical prowess serves employment clients

By AdvocateDaily.com Staff

Toronto employment lawyer Christopher Justice prides himself on being a fierce advocate for his clients, and he says nothing gives him a greater sense of satisfaction than the gratitude of a happy customer.

Justice, an associate with MacDonald & Associates, says being able to help someone who is having a desperate time from a financial, if not a health perspective, has always been a big focus.

“I like to think that I put them at ease by giving them the confidence of knowing they have someone in their corner who will advocate strongly for them and who they can download their stresses to as much as possible,” he tells AdvocateDaily.com.“Then they can focus on getting themselves better and finding their next job.”

In his years of practice, Justice has found that the best way to reassure clients is to demonstrate his detail-focused approach to the law.

“I try to be very much on top of updates because the law can and does change quite rapidly,” he explains. “Just because one case is the leading on a certain issue doesn’t mean a court won’t come down with something completely contrary in the future.”

Even among his colleagues at the firm, Justice is regarded as the go-to person for employment law developments, and he produces an internal newsletter known as the “Justice Report” to keep them up to date.

“People will come to me on more technical aspects concerning contractual language, where tiny nuances can make or break a case,” he says.

Justice says his ambition to make a career in the legal profession goes back a long time, though he concedes nominative determinism played a role.

“It started as a bit of a joke when I was a kid, because of my last name,” he says. “People used to tell me that I needed my own show — Judge Justice.”

But by the time he enrolled in a Grade 11 class on legal matters, his course was set.

“I had blinders on,” Justice says. “It was the law or nothing. Luckily, it worked out for me.”

After flirting with criminal law while studying at the University of Western Ontario’s law school, and then personal injury work during the early days after his call to the Ontario Bar in 2013, Justice finally found his calling while practising at a top-rated Burlington law firm.

“They initially brought me in for my background in personal injury, but I discovered my passion was their other specialty — employment law,” he says.

Justice moved to MacDonald & Associates in 2018, where he handles a wide range of employment law matters for both employers and employees, including wrongful dismissals, constructive dismissals, severance negotiations, human rights, employment standards, and contract negotiations. He also appears regularly before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

“We’re not shy of the oral advocacy side of things,” Justice says. “The principal of MacDonald & Associates, Natalie MacDonald, is a great mentor in that respect because she is an excellent litigator with a strong reputation.”

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