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Goldfinger's passion for helping everyday people fuels PI practice

Two decades after beginning his first job, little has changed in the work philosophy of Toronto plaintiff personal injury lawyer Brian Goldfinger

Back then, as a clerk in the hardware and paint department at his local Sears, Goldfinger’s aim was to pay his way through university.

“People came in because they had something they needed fixing, and I was there to help them do that,” he tells

The founder of Goldfinger Injury Lawyers, says his current job is fundamentally the same.

“I help everyday people with their problems, and I love doing it,” he says.

If there’s any difference, it’s in Goldfinger’s knowledge of his subject matter.

“I didn’t really know a great deal about paint,” jokes Goldfinger, who has devoted his 14-year law career exclusively to representing accident victims, disability claimants, and their families.

Goldfinger says his work at Sears also taught him about the internal workings of large corporate entities, and he watched with horror as the Canadian wing of the firm collapsed, leaving pensioners out of pocket.

“I worked with some of these lifers, and it makes my blood boil to see people treated that way,” says Goldfinger, who draws a parallel to what he sees as the behaviour of some insurers towards his clients when denying coverage.

“I’ve always felt more of an affinity with the little guy, which is why I don’t accept work on behalf of insurance companies,” he adds.

Goldfinger had his sights set on personal injury law from the moment he gained entry to the University of Windsor’s law school but had to wait until his second-year torts class before he could get a taste of his future practice area.  

“The first year was all about technical stuff and constitutional issues,” he explains. “Of course that's important, but not everyone is going to need to prepare for arguments before the Supreme Court of Canada. That’s reserved for the select few.

“For me, personal injury law is all about one person suing another because they’ve been done wrong” Goldfinger adds.

He likes to reflect that approach when dealing with clients, many of whom are new to the country or may be interacting with the legal system for the first time.

“It's the KISS philosophy — you’ve got to keep it simple, stupid. The law is hard and complicated enough without confusing things more,” Goldfinger says. “If you can break things down for unsophisticated accident victims, it goes a long way towards attaining a good result when you have to get into the nitty-gritty of the law.

“An informed, educated and comfortable client is a good client,” he adds.  

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