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Shibley Righton LLP creates 'powerhouse' condo law group

By Staff

The condominium law group at Shibley Righton LLP is pleased to announce the arrival of four lawyers from Miller Thomson LLP – a move that creates one of the largest condo law practices in Toronto, says Toronto condominium lawyer Armand Conant. Read Legal Post

With the addition of the new members, Shibley Righton’s team will double in size, becoming the largest condo law group with full-service backing in Toronto, says Conant.

Audrey Loeb, Warren Kleiner, Patrick Greco and Megan Mackey join Shibley Righton’s team of John De Vellis, Deborah Howden and Joel Berkovitz, says Conant.

“I am thrilled to announce that we are welcoming such a talented, experienced group of condo law lawyers who will add more depth to our already-strong team," says Conant.

As Loeb adds: "We are excited to have made the move to Shibley Righton LLP and join with its existing condominium practice group. It affords our group an opportunity to form what we believe will be the pre-eminent condominium group in Ontario. The joining together of our two excellent teams will benefit all of our clients."

Shibley Righton's Managing Partner, Sandra Dawe, expresses her delight at the addition of these talented condo lawyers: "They bring their tremendous experience, their stellar reputations and their strong commitments to their clients. And in addition, they have spirits and personalities that make them a natural fit into the warm environment of Shibley Righton. There has been an immediate chemistry, and I am very excited for what we can all do together."

Shibley Righton’s condominium law group is a leader in advising condominium corporations, boards of directors, owners and professionals in the industry. With the addition of the new team members, the group will continue to provide clients with cost-effective and timely legal services, says Conant.

"For clients, it means a greater number of specialists in this area are available to deal with all condo corporations and owners' issues — including Audrey Loeb, an authority on condominium law and author of two leading texts in this area."

“We were already a well-known, established condo group," he adds. "This makes us a powerhouse."

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