Class Action

Websites facilitate communication with class members

Case-specific websites have changed the way law firms attract and inform class-action members, Toronto commercial and class-action litigator Brian Radnoff tells Lawyers Weekly.

“Websites facilitate communication with a large number of people, and that’s exactly what we’re dealing with in class actions from the plaintiff’s perspective,” Radnoff, partner at Dickinson Wright, says in the article.

“Anyone who’s running a plaintiff class action now would almost certainly be using a website to communicate with members. I would be hard-pressed to provide you with an example of a firm that is not communicating with members, at least in part, through a website,” he adds.

Radnoff tells the publication that class-specific websites are an important tool when communicating with class members. “It’s a good and efficient way to get a whole bunch of information out to a whole bunch of people relatively quickly and to update them on an ongoing basis,” he says.

He adds that there isn't much room for creativity for some of the content. “There are certain communications where there’s not really much choice. It’s going to be something approved by the defendants and/or approved by the court,” he says in the article.

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