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Canada’s relationship with Ukraine in the spotlight

By Staff

How Canada’s special relationship with Ukraine has endured and grown over the years will be addressed at the Club Canadien de Toronto, on Tuesday, Dec. 12.

The keynote speaker at the Hotel Fairmont Royal York luncheon will be Dr. Andrii Veselovskyi, consul general of Ukraine who will give his talk in French at the Club Canadien.

Toronto charities lawyer Taras Kulish says it's a chance to explore a unique relationship.

“It’s been noted that the two countries are quite different in size and history, and separated by nearly 8,000 km,” says Kulish, a senior associate with Steinberg Title Hope & Israel LLP. “Yet, there are these strong and enduring ties between Canada and Ukraine. Why is that? And how can we strengthen those ties and build on our economic relationship?”

Veselovskyi, a former teacher and journalist who became a career diplomat in 1986, is fluent in English, French, Russian and Polish.

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