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Success at a smaller firm

At smaller firms, the ability to be flexible and adapt quickly is especially valuable, Toronto cross-border litigator Jon-David Giacomelli says in Lawyers Weekly.

Giacomelli, partner with Cambridge LLP, discusses the firm’s swift growth in an article exploring success strategies for smaller law practices.

“We have growth on our minds. We’re trying to continually increase per-partner profits,” he says in the article, noting the firm has now started focusing on attracting bigger and more complex cases. “You need horsepower to do that, so we’ve hired some really good young associates to help us.”

Giacomelli says when you don’t have several dozen other lawyers to draw on, “you have to hustle.”

Partners in small firms must accept a greater management role, Giacomelli says in the article, adding with the extra responsibility comes greater control.

“You can make changes much more quickly. We’re way more flexible and a lot more adaptable to market conditions,” says Giacomelli.

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